Communication Code Fed-120.TC-TCFW Heavilly encoded transmission not to be intercepted by Federation Intelligence /Space Navy"

Greetings to the Children of Raxxla.It took a lot of efford,credits and intelligence to finally send this message.
I am Commander John Koening ,Rear Admiral of the Tau Ceti Planetary Defence Forces and of the Tau Ceti Freedom Wing of Federation Space.With danger to my position i send this message as to send my sincere condolences of the passing of Lady Salome into the hands of unscrupulus villain ,the anger is indded hot as i was part of a defence trio of commanders comprised of Commander Maro-Val and Commander Letoras of the GClan ,we wher aboard the "Black Lady "an anaconda class vessel.We where having almost minimal information to her wherebouts as the PAC command apparently didnt do their work properly and we got scarce information to the Lady`s wherebouts but with efforts we found her and we glimpsed the Seven Veils on her last jump which who led her to oblivion.We where close to Potter and his cronies but a tactical decision error was made ..if we didnt done that error she may had some time to escape.....I will proclaim Potter enemy of Humanity as this possible his action may lead to unforseen events.As we speak in some days time all PDF (Planetary Defence Forces) Will be on High Alert due to the news from Maia.I hope we can work in collaboration in the future and i have to say i am relieved that the rest of her enoutrage managed to survive.The information proved valuable but alas i would prefer the Lady to say by her own words.My deepest and sincere Condolences,may we live all to remember her.

Federation Rear Admiral
John Koening,Tau Ceti Freedom Wing,Tau Ceti Planetary Defence Forces.

End of transmission."