On 20th March, 3303 news spread about a distress call from the sector of Collinder (Col) 70 in the galactic media. It is unusual enough to have distress calls reported there but what was different about most other distress calls was the fact that the Col 70 sector is firstly an area permit locked to regular interstellar traffic and currently the topic in a hotly debated controversy concerning the apparent clandestine but sanctioned operations of Wreaken Mining and Construction within this sector. Secondly, the signature of the ship issuing the mayday appeared to be a Cobra class vessel presumably of older age. This alone was enough for rumors to go wildfire throughout the Pilots Federation.

Not too long ago a Cobra class vessel with the callsign LUC was connected to the theft of a cargo of Meta-Alloys on Danielle’s Progress in the Maia system of the Pleiades Cluster. It was speculated that the theft was performed by a reknown trader by the name of Luciano Giovanni, who is thought to have ties to the more secretive organisations within the Pilots Federation.

Within the hour the Children of Raxxla assembled a search and rescue team and dispatched it to the edges of the Col 70 sector. Pilots were ordered to patrol the perimeter and search for signal sources, escape pods and even wreckage in order to shed some light on the validity of the distress signal. The search patterns were expanded as news of this search spread and pilots from all over the Pilots Federation joined the fray.

Subsequently several pieces of wreckage and salvage were found along the patrols’ itineraries (both in space and planet side). A number of escape pods could also be retrieved but as of date their occupants’ identities and state of health have not been revealed. On a more disturbing note, signals from combat aftermath activities were also identified close to the Spirograph Nebula but could not yet be attributed to a Cobra class ship.