Commanders - fellow Children of Raxxla,

It pleases me greatly to be back among your ranks after a long hiatus, however time is short and there are urgent matters to attend to. Senator Cuthrick Delaney (the executor of Senator Kahina's will regarding the Prism system) has requested our support in delivering large quantities of Tantalum and we are currently extremely short of meeting the requirements.

Tantalum is a component used for advanced Jump Drive technology. Khione is a tantalum mine. As they are unable to produce the desired quantities for their operation, it must be massive in scale. We have been given no specific details regarding the outcome of this operation, however we have been warned that lives hang in the balance. If you ask me, I'd put a year's credits on either a support or rescue mission for Salomé.

She's not dead. If you believed a petty prison ship blast could kill her, you were wrong. We know she disappeared, but we currently do not know what powers were involved. Possibly the new alien presence? Possibly assistance from another secret organization. Whatever the case is, I'm betting that Cuthrick has either been in contact with her or has good intel on her whereabouts and this Tantalum is vital for the success of that operation.

Therefore, with four days left in the operation of delivering tantalum to the Prism System, I am issuing an immediate and urgent Call to Arms of all available CoR Agents to divert immediately to the Prism system and ensure that we provide maximum assistance to Senator Cuthrick Delaney and by proxy Salomé.

This will be a multi-pronged approach. All agents will bring their maximum hold ships to either (Junga or Siluror) and fill their holds with Tantalum. They will then proceed to Hiram's Anchorage in the Prism system and offload their goods. The most likely avenue of attack for those who would oppose us is the jump-in point in the Prism system. Additional points of concern are as our haulers approach docking in both Prism, Junga and Siluror. I need a portion of our swords to transfer combat ships to these three systems and to be on standby.

It is likely that any opposition we would face are currently involved in other objectives around the galaxy at the moment. As such, all members are to work on hauling Tantalum until such a time when combat specialists are required.

I will personally be present and hauling alongside my fellow agents. I look forward to meeting you all. Let's save our Lady Salomé!

Remember... Raxxla. o7

It gets lonely out there, Commanders. Feel free to join me in comms as well as the Raxxla Orbital Lounge.