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  1. //Incoming Encrypted Transmission from Ship ID "Into the Darkness" CMDR Blackbeard//

    //pujvtpun ayhuztpzzpvu//
    //kljyfwapun ayhuztpzzpvu….wslhzl dhpa//

    //ayhuztpzzpvu kljyfwalk//
    //ayhuztpzzpvu yljlpclk//
    //klaljapun ayhuztpzzpvu vypnpu//
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    New operation

    I just wanted to take this time to say good luck with the upcoming operation lightning strike, stay safe out there, And always remember, when loneliness stalks you, When the isolation gnaws at your...
  3. These pictures were taken in April of this year,...

    These pictures were taken in April of this year, I have long since returned to the bubble and even gone back out there and come back again, While it would be nice to “catch a ride” out there, I would...
  4. Pictures from my recent excursion to the formidine that I would like to share
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    This is an edit as far as the allegiance part is...

    This is an edit as far as the allegiance part is concerned, as it was clarified for me
    I am currently in charge of the code on the Xbox side of things, there are no requirements or times that I...
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    My deepest condolences

    Obviously this is a little late considering when the events transpired, but you guys have my deepest condolences
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    New Application: Cmdr B14ck B3ard

    CMDR name : B14ck B3ard

    Real-life age : 32

    Frontier Forum user name : do not have one at the moment but I can make of if necessary

    Your in-game ranks :
    - Combat: Dangerous
    - Trade:...
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