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    Sticky: #23 [August 3304] A Lighthouse

    Chronicle - A Lighthouse

    Dedicated to Jasmina Halsey and her noble refugee program

    July 3304 saw an astonishing amount of fearmongering and scapegoating...
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    Commander Evanson, we would like to sincerely...

    Commander Evanson,

    we would like to sincerely thank you for voicing your concerns. We all have come a too long way together to let our alliance be tarnished by misunderstandings. You are very...
  3. Sticky: #21 [October 3303] The Legacy Campaign

    It is time.

    With the tensions and turmoils that lie behind us and the things unfolding before us it is time we remember who we are and what has brought...
  4. Sticky: #19 [July 3303] Shadows of shadows, passing...

    The stage has been set, the players are moving...

    The last three months saw the release of long lost mission recordings, ship’s logs and through careful...
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    Sticky: Mission Debriefing

    Monoceros Mission Debriefing

    Mission Schedule : 10th June, 3303 until 25th June, 3303
    Mission Parameters : Voluntary; low-prio; exploration; (exclude)...
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    Sticky: #17 [May 3303] In Memoriam

    Many had come. It was a silent trek of many ships. A quiet vigil over the blue jewel that was Chione. They had assembled in a long line of salute to pay their...
  7. Sticky: #13 [March 3303] A Signal From Collinder 70

    On 20th March, 3303 news spread about a distress call from the sector of Collinder (Col) 70 in the galactic media. It is unusual enough to have distress calls reported there but what was different...
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