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    New Applicant: Cmder Xanderius

    Greetings I am Cmdr Xanderius, a bounty hunter, assassin, and most importantly a long distance explorer. I currently do not have a Frontier Forum name to my knowledge, but if I do it is most likely going to be gamezombie92. I am requesting to join the CoR because I want to finish what my father couldn't accomplish in the first Elite, and find Raxxla. I've been on the hunt for 2+ years. Every day I feel like I am getting closer and closer. I don't care about the fame, the wealth, the acknowledgement, all I care about is to find this planet and tell my pops that I completed his legacy. My Affiliations with other wings solely reside with Ghost Legion. We are a group of Justicars wanting to ensure peace in the galaxy. Other than that, my purpose is to find this planet.

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    Welcome to the Children, Commander!

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