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    New Applicant William Lawson

    CMDR Name: William Lawson
    FD Forum Name: N/A (for now)

    I am William Lawson, and I have no claim to fame.

    I’m a Trader mostly, with a bit of bounty hunting. I haven’t read any of the lore books (I have no idea where to start), but would be open to suggestions.

    The reason I wish to join is that this group give off the air of a belief I have always held, both in ED and IRL: “Seek knowledge for the sake of knowledge, not for personal gain.” I hope that we can help each other unlock all the secrets of this universe for the benifit of all.

    I fight for, and in defense of, those who would do the same for me. As such, I carry the badge of an RSC Ranger. I hold no allegiance to any superpower, as they have proven time and again to be untrustworthy.

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    Welcome to the Children, CMDR!

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