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    New Applicant

    1. Commander Name: CMDR Hashiyyin
    2. Frontier Forums Name: Hash
    3. Motivation :
    Hashiyyin, an ambitious young man that was passed around between parents and grandparents through his childhood, had plans to join the Imperial Special Operations Command as a ground team combatant. Though sadly things never panned out quite the way they were planned, as Hash had a knack for getting caught with the wrong people. Prior to completing his schooling young Hashiyyin obtained a criminal record that couldn't be easily forgiven by the government, which meant the Imperial Special Ops was out of the question. He then chose to pursue less a honorable trade and fell in with the many smugglers and cutthroats of the galaxy.

    Months after he laid his dreams of the Navy to rest, he came across a very wise and experienced individual who reluctantly became Hash's mentor, warning consistently that the things that He has seen had changed him, and they come with no recommendation. But alas, Hashiyyin had set his sights on monetary reward, and as someone coming from a poor family it seemed money was the only way to determine someones worth in his inexperienced eyes. Following what he learned from his mentor, Hash soon became an cunning smuggler, an adept spy, and most importantly, an exceptional killer. In many ways Hash excelled, being observant, quick to learn, and quick on the draw certainly saved his ass on more than a few occasions, but along with the money the occupation also brought much insight to the young man. He worked for and alongside many governments, speaking with whoever he was given the chance to, he soon understood how these "governments" really worked, and that though some officials may proclaim themselves to be saviors for the people they represent, everyone has their dirty secrets.

    Shortly before age nineteen, Hash had amassed more than he could possibly have dreamed, but the constant work and paranoia his mentor preached about was something he couldn't avoid. An emptiness grew inside him, his life was nothing but masquerading around system after system, meeting with business partners where mutual anonymity was a must, in the hopes that both parties would benefit and never meet again. But it all became so sickening, Hash slowly realized his work and the constant paranoia would eat away at him until there was nothing left, and the only way to stop was to get away.

    The disillusioned young man soon left his alternate life, and resumed his old one, reclaiming his name and what family ties he had left. He stands today as a man with ambition but no direction, someone who wants to help shape the future of his fellow man for the better this time in whatever way he can. In his recent travels he's been keeping up with the news and dug up all of the information he can in regards to what is happening with these "alien hyperdictions", the guardian ruins, and how they seem connected to the mysterious Formidine-Rift, and a strange group called The Children of Raxxla.

    4. Hashiyyin has no interest or allegiance to the governments of the galaxy unless they are directly affecting him. I have explored and talked to a lot of different groups but haven't joined as they don't fit what I want out of the game.

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    Welcome CMDR Hashiyyin! I hope that the Children of Raxxla can give you what you are looking for.

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