Children of Raxxla Statement On Contact with an Alien Race

For over a year, humanity has heard of mysterious probes in deep space, crashed vessels of unknown origin, and the ruins of an ancient civilization buried in the sands of a distant world. Throughout the strife of 3302, when tensions again flared between the Federation and the Empire and the baser aspects of human nature drove the greedy and the power-hungry to seize the Pleiades, we have waited with bated breath as reports have filtered home of these and other enigmatic occurrences. Many of us have looked to 3303 with hope that a new spirit might guide us as we once more stretch forth our hand to the horizons of possibility.

Yet, in the darkness, a new voice has spoken and shaken us from the comfortable familiarity of our struggles and searches: You are not alone. The confirmation that we are not alone in this galaxy – that a living, thinking, and intelligent agency exists with us in this spiral of light – constitutes perhaps the most profound discovery in human history.

Fear is understandable. So too is doubt, the questioning of our deepest beliefs and religions. This new presence appears wholly alien, and far more advanced than us. We can no longer sail the stars confident in our capacity and in our mastery of what we discover.

Fellow human beings, we cannot allow this fear and doubt and vulnerability to guide our hand. After millennia of gazing at the stars and asking whether we are alone, we have finally discovered what may become the greatest gift we have ever been offered: a partner in our quest to understand and explore the galaxy we count as home, and a friend in the dark places beyond the light of our stars. The Children of Raxxla welcome the news of this discovery and urge every pilot to exercise restraint in the face of uncertainty. Lay aside the instruments of war and take up the olive branch of peace, condemn those who would usher an era of conflict and discord and raise up those who would make peaceful contract with these new entities. Never before in our shared history has our future depended to such an extent upon each of us.

Fly safe commanders, and now more than ever … remember …

Children of Raxxla, January 3303