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    New Applicant - Archer

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    3. I was amazed by the lore driven by player actions, which made me want to learn about the Children of Raxxla.
    Although I have not read the "Reclamation" book (I'm trying to find a way to buy it here), I did read the novel ( and tried learning more about this amazing group through the forum threads and livestreams.
    I must say I identified myself with the group's purpose, and would be seriously glad to fight, explore, and most importantly, do science, for Salomé and mankind. We must uncover the secrets of the universe not to create better ways for certain political factions to exercise domain over others with their blind desire for power, but to increase the survival chance of humanity as a whole against all the dangers which may be hiding out there, within and without this galaxy!

    4.I'm part of Elite Flight Academy currently with players from the Xbox only. A group created by a fellow CMDR of mine with the purpose of teaching the ropes to new pilots, decreasing the painful steep learning curve they will face. We, obviously, have means to defend our home system by force if needed, and a science wing, helping other CMDRs to uncover the mysteries of the galaxy.
    I don't believe we have any major role in the universe, as CoR does, nor I think it may post a threat to you. If at all, it may even help.

    Thank you.

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    Welcome Archer!

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