Update : May 1st 3303
Salomé has been killed by bounty hunters. The following information is now considered past tense.

Who is Senator Kahina Tijani Loren, aka Salomé ?

Salomé is a very divisive and controversial figure in the world of Elite: Dangerous. She is viewed by many as a terrorist, cult leader, and power-hungry schemer by those sympathetic to the major powers, and an exploration-loving rebel and eccentric outcast to those who are sympathetic to her cause of unraveling the galaxies deepest mysteries.

You can find the perfect synopsis of "Salomé" from Drew Wagar himself, here; Kahina Tijani Loren.

For those new to this story line, it is highly recommended that you read the official Elite Dangerous novel; Elite: Reclamation.

Although not essential to solving the in-game mysteries surrounding Salomé, the book does contain clues, and it will give you the ultimate background into her life, personality, and goals.

A reading from Elite: Reclamation by Drew himself :

Who is Salomé in game ?

CMDR Salomé is the officially sanctioned 'advanced' NPC in game that physically represents the character from the book and brings her to life within the actual gameworld we all share. This allows for a great opportunity for players to interact with her, converse with her, get clues, and attend official events that she presides over.

After Frontier Developments had all but dropped the Formidine Rift story along with Salomé and her adventures from their narrative in early 2015, the characters' adoption as a figurehead and creation within the Elite Dangerous gameworld was sanctioned by Drew Wagar and registered with the lifetime expansion upgrade by the CoR founders in September 2015. From September 2015 until the spring of 2016, the character rarely appeared in game but was occasionally used to preside over player-created in-game roleplayed events. In the spring of 2016, Frontier Developments reinstated the Formidine Rift mystery and commissioned Drew to oversee the story and begin writing the sequel to Reclamation, Elite: Premonition. The Salomé in-game character was thus bestowed to the author on the eve of the Beagle Point meeting to help roleplay aspects of the narrative from that point onward, and although the CoR founders are still technically the registered keepers of the CMDR Salomé account, they no longer control her in game actions or interactions with the playerbase.

The identity or identities of those who now 'control' Salomé are only known to the author and or FD, and she will only act in accordance to their direction.

It must be stated that CoR do not have exclusivity over Salomé. She is a public figure who has links to other groups and individuals and she often works in association with those entities without CoR knowledge.

The character is 100% roleplayed so will not take part in idle chit chat, nor (we're told) is she obliged to answer questions directly when asked. If she wants to divulge a clue, she will most likely do it during any story related conversation.

Players have been asked not to contact CMDR Salomé if she is online and in a private group or solo mode (these modes are presumably used to move her around in preparation for the next part of the story). She is only classed as 'active' and approachable if she is in Open Play.

As far as we're aware she accepts all friend requests. This allows those on her list to be notified when she is in Open Play and pinpoints her location on the map.

If she is in Open Play and you message her, don't feel offended if she does not reply. She often ignores CoR Consul hails too, we presume that she is in convo with others, doesn't always see the message, or could be otherwise distracted by in-game situations. We don't pester her if a hail is not answered, all sorts of reasons could be occurring that don't allow her time to respond.

Who is Alessia Verdi ?

Alessia wrote the Children of Raxxla novella that chronicled the very first meeting between Salomé and two of the original CoR founders. She often steps in to help steer the narrative when Salomé is 'elsewhere in the galaxy'. Like Salomé, Alessia should be considered to be an 'advanced NPC' - a roleplayed sentient commander in game that players can interact with and gain clues and information from. Players should only hail Alessia if she appears in Open Play.

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