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    New Applicant

    Your CMDR name:Kai Calimatinus

    Your Frontier Forum username: also Kai Calimatinus

    A short statement about your motivation:
    Though I haven't got a hold of the novels to read quite yet, I got wiki walking via the Thargoids and then artefacts, the Guardians and the barnacles till I wound up in the Dark Wheel and Raxxla. A few searches later led to you all. I know a rat when I smell one, and the lies of the major powers smell something awful. There are things, out there in the dark. Demons and angels just waiting for us. Better we find them in peace, then they find us in war.
    My goals are to help explore the Rift, defend innocents from the ravages of the war, and to make Elite rank to go investigate the Dark Wheel themselves in Shinrarta Dezhra. I have some work to do, and some distance to cover. I'm still deep in the bubble.

    Any other allegiance we have to know about
    None. I aim to see what Canonn are up to and see if I can help them at all too, they seem like good folks who share our ideas.

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    Welcome, CMDR, to the Children of Raxxla!

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