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Thread: new applicant

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    new applicant

    evening all,

    Cmdr lego addictus here (should give you a clue as to my other addiction!)

    FD forum: rayskinner

    Motivation : Primarily exploration, tried the formidine rift but struggled in unmodified ASP, when I get back to the bubble will build a long range modded Anaconda and try again

    Allegiance : Currently none, started as Empire and aduval to get some prismatic shields, defected to ALduval then defected completely, so unalligned at the moment

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    Greetings Cmdr,

    Thank you for your application

    Welcome to The Children Of Raxxla, your status will be updated to CoR Cmdr shortly.

    • Follow the Discord link at the top of the forum page and ask for Discord approval in the #access-requests channel

    - Remember

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