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    The Children of Raxxla Anthology

    Inspired by the many writers among our members, the CoR RP Team presents the The Children of Raxxla Anthology, a project to collect and organise all stories written by CoR members into a single 'book'. With this, we hope to not only make the stories available and easy to access for everyone, but also hope to add value to the individual stories by organising them into a whole. We hope the writers among us will submit their stories to the Anthology, for others to have fun reading these stories and maybe even get inspired to write themselves.

    More details and submission rules can be found on the chor itself.

    Latest version: Click here

    Submission Rules

    Use the following link to submit your story: Click here

    Below are some rules to make the stories in the Anthology more consistent.

    1. Submissions must be in English
    2. Each submission may only contain a single subchapter. Multiple subchapters must be submitted separately.
    3. The story does not necessarily need to be good. We’re all amateur writers here. What it at least should not be is a simple matter-of-fact description of events.
    4. Story perspective is preferred to be in first-person. This is so the each written piece is told from the perspective of that specific character, making it possible for the same set of events being told by multiple characters from different perspectives and from different authors. If you personally want to write in third-person perspective you are free to continue to do so.
    5. Font for the contents should be Arial 11
    6. The first sentence of every paragraph should be indented
    7. The events at convergence points is defined by the existing submissions at that point. Subsequent submissions may add events to it, but must adapt their story to be consistent with the ones that has come before it (e.g. comms chatter in a wing).
    8. Accepted submissions may be edited after they are published, but please keep updates to a minimum. You can request an update through the submission form and providing the full updated text.
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