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Thread: CoR Application

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    CoR Application

    Your CMDR name: Mr House Wins

    Your real-life age: 37

    Your Frontier Forum user name: Mr House Wins

    Your in-game ranks: Triple Elite. Helpless in CQC. I really wish it was easier to find matches.

    Ships you own in-game: I own an A rated version of every ship in the game, with the exception of my Anaconda, which is outfitted for exploration.

    What do you know about Elite Lore / Elite books you have read: Iíve read The Dark Wheel, Out of the Darkness, and Premonition. Iím also somewhat active in the Elite Dangerous subreddit and Facebook page. I mostly just lurk on the Frontier forum. The Quest to Find Raxxla thread especially.

    Any other allegiance we have to know about: None

    A statement about your characters bio and your motivation to join in no less than 100 words (you only get one chance to make an impression, so make it count)

    Iím somewhat light on role play, so my character bio is just me, really. Although Iíve put so much time into the game by now that the guy in the cockpit and myself seem one and the same. I started playing Elite Dangerous around November 2016 and have logged over 14 weeks of playing time. I feel like Iíve done so much but that thereís still more to do and see. Iíve always considered myself an explorer, above all. You name it, Iíve probably been there. VY Canis Majoris, Sagittarius A a couple times, Colonia, Beagle Point, the top of the galactic plane. Iíve discovered approximately 500 or so black holes. Canít wait for them to add a proper explorers log so I can know exactly how many Iíve discovered.

    Raxxla though. Raxxla is the ultimate prize and itís out there.

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    Thank you for your application CMDR, The Children Of Raxxla would like to welcome you into our Cadet Ranks.
    I have sent you an invitation to our Discord server. Please Introduce yourself in the #general-discussion channel

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