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    New Applicant: Zeph Darlow

    CMDR name: Zeph Darlow
    Real-life (and in-game) age: 30
    Frontier Forum user name: Zeph Darlow
    Exploration rank: Surveyor
    Trade rank: Dealer
    Combat rank: Harmless

    Ships: Longsupr (Hauler - my very first earned vessel); Pegasus (Cobra MK III - outfitted for long-range exploration, but I can't wait until I can afford an Asp)
    Lore Knowledge / Books: The Dark Wheel, Elite Dangerous Timeline, The Formidine Rift, Salomé, Thargoid Invasion, other bits and pieces online, currently looking for hard copy versions of Reclamation and Premonition
    Allegiance: None. CMDR Zeph Darlow generally doesn't pledge allegiance, though he can be extremely loyal when he has good reasons.

    Bio and motivation

    My name is Zeph Darlow, and I am a freelance pilot. I never expected to become one, but life has a funny habit of often surprising me, and in turn I have learned to occasionally surprise it. I was once a promising cognitive science graduate who was never supposed to travel across the stars; instead, I was supposed to stay in the laboratory, grounded in my attempts to understand the human mind. As it turns out, exploring the stars can give more insight into the human mind than one might initially suspect.

    Seven years ago I was offered a graduate position in an interdisciplinary team of astrophysicists, engineers, and cognitive psychologists that was supposed to travel across the galaxy and study cosmic anomalies. It was a 5-year project, generously funded by the Federation, and it had excellent career prospects. I am both legally and morally bound not to share any details about the project, but I will say this - it managed to completely destroy any trust I might have had in the Federation. I usually went nowhere near research financed by superpowers, but the initiative was too interesting and important to pass up. My space endeavors started quite well - I learned the basics of piloting and exploration from the very best in Federation Space, I found out a great deal about cosmic phenomena, and I discovered a certain feeling of serenity while traveling in deep space that I had never experienced beforehand. By the end of the project a couple of years ago, however, the feeling of serenity was consumed by disbelief, agony, and unprecedented anger. Let’s just say that there was… an incident; an incident that demonstrated just how far the Federation is willing to go for the smallest of advantages it might gain over its rivals. I didn’t stand for it, but it cost me dearly.

    I needed some time to recover, but about a month ago I came back on my two feet. My degree was forfeit and my name had become a subject of ridicule in academic circles. They took my world and my career away from me, but I still had my piloting and the stars - the former they seem to have underestimated, and the latter is still too vast for them to own or devour. A couple of old acquaintances set me up with a Sidewinder and some jobs in Federation Space until I had enough money to outfit a Cobra MK III for exploration and get away. Now I mostly do contracts for independent systems and Sirius Co., while selling exploration data to Universal Cartographics, even though I know the data ends up in the wrong hands, which is eating me up inside.

    I cannot continue living like this for long. With all of our knowledge and technology, we don’t seem to have evolved much from our ape ancestors; still growling and swinging deadly toys at each other, only now our toys are fancier and we are swinging them on a galactic scale. It is about time we transcended this mentality, and I am willing to take part in any and all genuine (and competent) efforts in that direction. I recently caught a transmission of Salome’s Requiem, which in turn motivated me to write this log and forward it to you. I wholeheartedly share the Children of Raxxla’s spirit of discovery and discontent with the disingenuous motives of the galaxy’s superpowers. I also agree with diplomatically approaching all sentient life in principle (though I am sceptical about the Thargoids’ peaceful intentions, even if they were provoked). Thus, please accept this letter as an official offer of my services to the Children of Raxxla.

    Commander Darlow out.

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    Thank you for your application CMDR, The Children Of Raxxla would like to welcome you into our faction
    I have sent you an invitation to our Discord server. Please Introduce yourself in the #general-discussion channel

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