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    New Applicant: Janett Sellars

    CMDR Name: Janett Sellars

    RL Age: 21 Years

    Forum username: CMDR Sellars

    In-game ranks:
    Exploration- Elite
    Trade- Tycoon
    Combat- Master

    Ships you own in-game: Type-6, Cutter, Asp-X, Corvette

    What do you know about Elite Lore / Elite books:
    I’ve read Reclamation and am confident I have at least a general knowledge of Elite lore

    Any other allegiance(s) to know about: None

    A statement about your characters bio and your motivation to join in no less than 100 words (you only get one chance to make an impression, so make it count):

    Mindless cargo runs, that was to be the reality of next century or so of Janett’s future; it wasn’t exactly what she had fantasized about at an early age. Placed into an experimental education system to solve the Federation’s wage problem. Janett and her classmates had their careers chosen for them based on their capabilities at an early age. It wasn’t overly exciting and a step down from her dreams of being a hero in the Federation Navy, but it was safe along the core worlds trade routes and that was enough. A data file changed all that, revealing egregious abuses of power committed by a prominent administrator in her schooling system.

    Terrified that she would be hunted down because of her newfound knowledge she ran to the one piece of civilization a Federation-backed company could not follow, she ran into the hands of the Empire. Having never left Federation space the young pilot jumped to Aisling Duval space, the very prospect of legalized slavery disgusted her. Getting a new Imperial ID and transponder on her Type-6 was Janett’s first priority and seemed rather straightforward at first. At least until she found herself given the status of Imperial slave by the duplicitous imperial representative and sent to work transporting ore in a distant mining system. So, she traded one captor for another, and no one would listen to an imperial slave’s protests in that isolated mining facility where regulations were largely ignored.

    About a month or so later Janett began to hear mutterings of a revolt from the other slaves, being one of the few pilots working at the facility she hesitantly offered her aid if it meant escaping this fate. Janett wasn’t trained in combat, as a trader she only knew how to run and her prospective escape vessel, an Imperial Cutter, was just fine at that. Few things went right that day, but she was able to escape the facility, though her collaborators were not nearly so lucky. Having to leave behind the other slaves is something that has haunted her relentlessly to this day.

    Janett knew that she couldn’t stay in Imperial space anymore, but the only remaining superpower was the Alliance and she had heard terrible tales during her schooling about the state of those systems that had abandoned the Federation. She didn’t have much of a choice though; independent systems wouldn’t be able to offer her any protection and could be even worse than the Imperial mining facility, Alliance space was the clear destination. She was wary this time, she wouldn’t be as trusting as she had been with Imperial customs, no need for a new ID just a transponder change; upon inquiry she ended up telling them everything though, they even offered to help prosecute the administrator once she showed them the data file. After hearing this Janett resolved to join the Alliance, she first worked as a trader, then an explorer reaching as far as Beagle Point; after a few months in combat sims Janett signed onto the Alliance Defense Force, with her Cutter joining the fleet.

    For perhaps the first time in her life Janett felt she was making a real difference in the galaxy, protecting traders and miners from pirates was something she dreamed about ever since she was a little girl. This new sense of purpose was shadowed by Galnet news feeds popping up about a resurfacing alien threat. Sometime after the formation of Aegis, Janett was reassigned to help counter the Thargoid threat; upon reaching the Pleiades she saw firsthand the destruction the alien threat was bringing and that even stations were unsafe in this region of space.

    Janett had her orders, hunt down any of the alien ships and prevent them from abducting any escape pods. Her first encounter with a Thargoid was unexpectedly docile as the ships did not seem to attack on sight; pausing for a moment she recalled the burning stations and quickly dispelled any empathetic notions she had at that moment and opened fire. Killing them got easier from that point on, Janett even began to start to like hunting them. She still couldn’t shake a feeling of guilt though and when she discovered leaked footage of Aegis ships murdering defenseless civilians she realized that she was on the wrong side of this war. Feeling a weighty sense of guilt and anger over the likely innocent alien deaths she caused Janett jumped to the only place left for her to run to, the void.

    She now knew that the problem with the galaxy was bigger than any one superpower and that anything connected to them was just going to use her. Even her idealistic Alliance couldn’t be trusted; no, the only way that things would change is if this hold of the true masters of the galaxy were taken away, otherwise this cycle of death would never cease. Information was the only viable weapon against them, peeling back the veil these faceless puppet masters had been accustomed to for centuries. Knowing full well she could never accomplish this alone Janett reached out to the shadowy organization known as the Children of Raxxla, who had a reputation for revealing the mysteries of the galaxy…

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    Thank you for your application CMDR, The Children Of Raxxla would like to welcome you into our faction
    Shortly you will receive an invitation to our Discord server. Please Introduce yourself in the #general-discussion.

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