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    New Applicant: Satsuma

    New Applicant: Mateo Kapena
    CMDR Name: Satsuma
    RL Age: 50
    Forum username: Satsuma

    Ingame Ranks:
    Exploration - Elite
    Trading - Merchant
    Combat - Competent

    Ships Owned:
    Strix - Long range Asp II/Asp Explorer*
    Secret Melody - Multipurpose armed Python
    Classical Mechanics - Multipurpose armed Asp Explorer
    Pandora's Eve - Passenger Dolphin
    Black Friday - Mining T6, early Colonia fitting
    Bumblebee - Multipurpose armed Cobra Mk III
    Falling to Earth - Imperial Eagle
    French 75 - Imperial Eagle
    Jaque's Lance - Eagle Mk II, early Colonia fitting
    Holy Fire - Cobra Mk III, exploration fitting, retired

    What do you know about Elite lore?: I've read The Dark Wheel, Wanted, and I'm working my way through Reclamation. I've also absorbed a decent amount of lore both through playing the old Elite games and absorbing lore from the forums and play (including the rough history of the three superpowers, the Thargoids, INRA, and the like).

    Any other allegiance we have to know about: I was a staff member of the FGE, who have since disbanded. I currently have no allegiances.

    A statement about your characters bio and your motivation:
    An ordinary life turned upside down in the shattering of a ship's hull, like so many in these violent days. Mateo did not come early to a spacer's life. Born and raised on Gaspar de Portola Dock in Comana, he saw so many disappear into the hungry maw of space, and he resolved that he would not be so foolish. He had everything he needed, after all. School became an education, education became a job. Engineering may not be glamorous, but it was safe and it certainly paid well. Then came a job that required him to travel. It was supposed to be simple. Easy. Three weeks, tops, he told himself. The freighter's crew were veterans, the pilot skilled. The odds were with him. And the bonus... It made it worth it. Worth the risk. But sometimes one's luck runs out on the first spin of the cylinder.

    They held the truth back from him at first when he awoke in a hospital bed, but at some point during his long recuperation he learned that he had waited, frozen, in his escape pod for more than twenty years before he was found. Twenty years. So much had changed in twenty years. His skills - not useless, but close to it. His family, estranged. They welcomed him back - they always loved him - but twenty years had broken all bonds. What is a younger cousin who is now twenty years your senior? The pirates who destroyed the ship, they said, had been after the valuable gear it carried. They had not cared if they destroyed anything else. But they had destroyed his life just as surely as they destroyed the ship he had travelled in.

    Space had claimed him, just as completely as if he had died. Yet in that loss was a spark of hope. His education twenty years out of date, he could choose to learn anything he wanted. To his surprise, he learned to fly a starship. The new frame shift drives were miracles of miniaturization, allowing a degree of freedom that he had never known. When he gazed at the stars through the mediating shield of a starship canopy, he felt free in a way that he hadn't ever remembered. Yet the dangers that thrust him into this world still prowled. He learned to evade, learned to survive, but the only times he felt truly safe were when he had left the bubble completely behind. He learned to explore. He learned to enjoy the solitude, and he learned to bring back the data that made him rich, funding a succession of ever more capable ships. He felt secure in the black. He felt whole.

    Almost on a whim he flew with over a thousand other explorers to a barren rock on the far side of the galaxy. There he had listened to a woman whose name meant nothing to him speak of the promise of life. Of the promise of mankind. And of the larger world where the spiritual brothers and sisters of the pirates who had led him here destroyed not just individual lives, but the lives of entire planets of people. It was a seed, slow growing, that only really took root after he returned.

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    CMDR Satsuma, Your Exploration achievements have echoed in and around Serebrov halls, Welcome to The Children Of Raxxla

    I have sent you an invitation to our Discord server with some instructions. Please Introduce yourself in the #general-discussion channel

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