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    Celestial Vagabond

    Cmdr alias: SkorZaagan
    Age 23
    Ranks: Expert, Entrepreneur, Pioneer
    Fleet: sidey, eagle, ieagle, cob mk3, vip mk4, dbx, icourier, asps, aspx, fdl, fas, fds, orca, t7, t9
    Elite knowledge: hyperdrive tech history, thargoid history, the dark wheel, the legend of raxxla, history of the super powers, the generation ships.
    Allegiances: cosmic freelancer with a loose tie to the Imperial Republic. Supporter of the Shadows of the Phoenix

    Czirxic Xarious Agron aka Cmdr SkorZaagan

    Born into the working class, Czirxic toiled in many different kinds of work. He was brought up in the far reaches of Federal space in a moderate sized extraction colony. As with most regular people, Czirxic was raised with the mindset of hardwork and monotonous efficiency. The years went by ordinarily- school, play, work. It was, to his dismay, comfortable. As time progressed Czirxic began having doubts. Doubts about who he was and what he was doing. Something felt amiss as if he was just a ghost going through motions. Such thoughts could not be kept out; something was gravely wrong despite what he knew he had. And thus such thoughts grew and multiplied into his late teens in search of an answer.


    By the age of 20 Czirxic had an established position in the colony's main mining super array as a solar panel technician. Life continued on in the Federation, with the almost constant news stories concerning the hateful elitism of the Empire. During this time Czirxic saved whatever money he could with the new found dream of leaving. Not knowing, understanding nor caring where he would go he worked tirelessly until he had enough for his realized dream. A Sidewinder. He applied and passed his exam into the Pilots Federation. Now only one thing stood in his way- that same self doubt that clawed its way into existence just years ago. After many restless nights of conflicted options Czirxic finally made the plunge. He resigned from the super array and snuck away that day, leaving only a note to his family of his whereabouts and intentions. He was free and terrified of what was to come, however none of those feelings equated to him returning. For he learned that for some people, they require no home.


    Three years since had passed since Cmdr SkorZaagans' first exodus. He wandered the milky way from system to system carrying cargo. After countless deliveries and pilot economics he had achieved expeditions on a galactic scale. Discovering the cosmos had become his life along with the hunt for truth which so eludes humans within the space of Super powers. Though a mere novice in combat by his standards Czirxic assisted in the civil war upheaval of Omicron Ursae Majoris and earned himself a seat of residence within the solar system. Combat became his second love and he learned to divide his time between the search for truth and the instinct to fight. Money came easy and no longer was a primary concern as his fleet and reputation grew among the stars. As Czirxic traveled human space he heard tales of a selective breed of people, seekers of destiny and speakers of truth. The Children of Raxxla. He was determined to find the source, true or not he himself would be sure soon enough.


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    CMDR Czirxic Xarious Agron, The Children Of Raxxla would like to welcome you into our faction.
    I have sent you an invitation to our Discord server with some instructions. Please Introduce yourself in the #general-discussion channel

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