I sat in a booth in the back pretending to be interested with a halo vid playing on my Data pad, but I was actually observing the patrons in the bar and anyone coming or going. The bar was called ‘Lambs Light’ and was a low-key establishment were the local workforce came to spend their hard-earned credits. It was located on Abraham Lincoln Station in the SOL system. Causal conversation carried on throughout the bar with the occasional gambler yelling out after winning or in some cases losing at the gambling machines that lined the wall in a back room off to my right.
I was to meet a contact here, who was late; very late! “Patience” I reminded myself, such was the ways of covert intelligence. I was tracking down a lead Commander Lyrae had obtained. This contact said they had intel that something was discovered that links the Zurara to the Thargoids. Having ventured out to the Rift bases and visiting the Zurara, I have a particular interest in the subject and Lyrae new that so she asked if I would be interested in checking this out.

“Would you like another round?” said a robotic voice trying to imitate a human voice.

“No, I’m fine.”, I said back to the waitress droid

“Please present your credit chip as I will need to close your tab”, spoke the droid.

I slide out my credit chip concealed in my sleeve pocket for the droid to scan. It’s harder and harder to find a place that uses actual human waitresses, I thought to myself. As I looked over the shoulder of the droid I noticed two men enter the bar their stature and dementor screamed a ruthlessness you only get being...

“Oh shit….bounty hunters”, I said to myself. They should not be here.

They walked up to a man in the bar and he pointed in my direction. Yeah someone wanted to keep this info quiet. As I took back my credit chip, I placed a R.I.L. (Remote Infiltration Link) a personally designed remote link that my ships AI, K.I.C.S. can use to interface with most electronics.
After landing at the station, she hacked the local data net and was monitoring station authority comm chatter and was standing by to assist if needed. She did not alert me of any station authority activities so I can bet that my contact was dead or gave me up for a few credits.

“KICS I’ve got trouble”, I said to the comm link in my ear. “Interface with R.I.L #4”

“Affirmative commander”, KICS responded.

The waitress droid had a slight jerk as KICS took control.

“You see the two men approaching from the front of the bar?” My eyes widened as the waitresses’ head rotated a full 360 degrees. This was quite a disturbing thing to see, since these droids were quite life like. A few locals gasp as they noticed the same thing.

“Um, KICS please try and be discreet”, I said with a sigh.

“I see them sir, and I will.”, her voice said in my ear with no emotion.

The two bounty hunters after speaking with the man fanned out and where approaching from both the left and the right. Cutting off any hope of an exit out the front. Having specifically asked for this table which had a view of the whole bar and a close exit option if needed, a window in the bathroom. I had to get there without being seen.

“I need you to create a distraction so they take their focus off of me.”, I said quickly.

“Affirmative commander”, KICS said.

The droid moved over to the next table and started to talk to the coiple sitting there each word getting louder and louder, then the droids voice becoming slow and lethargic and its whole body began to shake and let out a very high pitch scream that silenced the room causing everyone in the bar to look, even a few of them jumping up in alarm. Then without warning the droids head exploded into a shower of sparks and smoke filled the bar.

I was already moving and after sliding out of the booth I went right into the bathroom which was right behind the booth I was seated at. Having unlocked the window prior to being seated I pushed the window open and placing a foot on the sink in one swift motion I was through the window and dropped down into the back ally. I reached up and closed the window, then pulled out a bolt gun that was tucked into the small of my back.
The bolt gun was a cylinder about six inches long that housed a charge cartridge, a small circuit board with a switch and an opening at one end that was used to load the spike. These were easy enough to getting through port security as they can be disassembled to appear inconspicuous and resembled quite easily and the spikes were easily picked up at the local hardware shops.
Placing it against the sill I pressed the switch and a snap hiss emitted from the gun as it drove the spike through the sill preventing the window from opening without prying the bolt out.

“KICS, prepare the ship for a quick departure”, somebody does not want this information to get out and I need to let Lyrae know.

I stepped out onto the street and disappeared into the shadows making my way to the Starport.

Aboard Redemption….

Redemption was an Imperial Clipper and for this Op was painted a in Tactical Graphite giving the ship a dark matte finish. No ID tags could be seen on the ship and it landed at the station under the name of ‘Seeker’. The ship was capable of just over a 20ly jump range and has modified thrusters with a top boost speed of 544 M/S. It was recently outfitted with the some new Ageis designed Thargoid tech a Xeno scanner along this a research limpet controller for collecting samples. A wake and manifest scanner along with an SRV for planet side activities. The ship was also able to defend herself if needed packing two modified large Multi-cannons, with corrosive shell effects. Also 2 medium Seeker missile racks one a Drag Munition effect and the other with Thermal Cascade.

“KICS have you finished the preflight system check?” I asked as I enter the cockpit of the clipper.

“I have commander, the ship is ready to depart”, KICS said over the ship intercom.

“Abraham port control, this is the Seeker in landing bay 40 requesting departure”, I said over the port comms channel.

“Please stand by, Seeker”, replied pot control. That’s strange I said to myself.

“KICS, you hear anything on the station authority comm channel?” I asked.

“No commander, just reports of debris in the access corridor”, KICS replied.

“Lets hope that’s it, theres no way for us to get out of here stuck in this bay.”, I said.

A few more tense minutes went by when the comm speaker crackled to life,

“Seeker this is port control you are clear for departure”

The ships landing pad slide out of its storage bay and rose into the main access corridor.

“Docking clamps released, please use caution when exiting the station”, port control said.

I used the maneuvering thruster to align with the accessport and applied thrust and the ship exited the station with no further issues.
After leaving the Starport, KICS plotted a series of small jumps and at each jump point we headed in system 1,000ls scanned for any vessels that may be tailing us. Once I was content we had no actual ships following us I pulled out of Supercruise and had KICS do a full sweep for trackers that may have been placed on the ship while in storage. Then I was finally able to relax I pulled up the communications tab of the ships main interface hud and sent an encrypted transmission back to Commander Lyrae with the details of my mission that this lead was dead.

“Incoming encrypted priority message”, KICS said over the ships intercom.

I pulled up the message on screen and entered my decryption code.

>>>Priority One
Meeting at Remembrance Towers, Serebrov Terminal, HR 6421 System, all available A.O.D. Operatives Requested.

“Wonder what this is all about, KICS plot a course for Serebrov Terminal”