On October 30th, 3304 word reached the Children of Raxxla that a piece of Salomé's personal effects, most likely a piece of jewelry, surfaced somehow in the shadier artwork and luxury black markets close to Imperial space. How it got there, who found it first and why it would be sold on the black market, no one knew. Since everything related to Salomé as a person, her death and her impact on recent galactic events remained a delicate topic, informing the authorities seemed to be out of question. Instead, it was deemed paramount to learn as much about the auction as possible and then decide on a course of action. Thus, the Intel department was quick to establish a network of sources and careful 'IOU' channels to get a first grasp of the situation. Subsequently, sifting out the static and chatter of unreliable gossip and free riders, they were equally quickly able to provide a number of puzzle pieces that came close to 'evidence' or 'hard facts'. As it turned out, it had a level of seriousness that convinced the Consul to take measures. Not long after that, a call went out for "active-on-demand" CoR agents able and willing to pick up the trail.

What followed was a gathering of roughly a dozen pilots in the Remembrance Towers, the CoR headquarters in the Serebrov Terminal of HR 6421. There, in a briefing the plan was laid out. Intel had been able to locate one of the black markets where an invitation to an auction had been put out to interested parties. The invitations apparently were time coded to deploy a bookmark somewhere in the mapping system and the Crypto branch of Intel was already at it to trigger a premature release in order to get a head start. In the meantime the Children would form one or more investigation cells - henceforth called Legacy Cells - to learn more about that auction, the item in question and the parties involved.

On November 4th, with the cells and lone wolves already on the move scouting the area, Crypto finally was able to break the encryption but encountered a malware that apparently had been tampering with the invitation all along. Although they were able to pinpoint the auction's location and some of its details they realized - to their shock - that the auction presumably was over already. Time now was of the essence, a bit of luck and the CoR agents' unfailing talents to improvise.

The Legacy Cells were immediately contacted by their accompanying mission operator, urging them to take action asap and salvage from the situation what they could to tail and identify the figures behind the auction and, most importantly, the buyer and his whereabouts:

It was now up to the pilots of the Legacy Cells to coordinate and press on for results...