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    New Applicant: Tharrn

    CMDR name: Tharrn
    Real-life age: 45
    Your Frontier Forum user name: Tharrn
    Your in-game ranks (Combat, Trade, Exploration): Competent, Tycoon, Elite

    Ships you own in-game: Basilisk - Anaconda (long-range exploration), Infinity Loop - AspX (long-range exploration alternative), Cerberus - Cobra MK III (main ship used in the bubble), Dreamcatcher - Python (multi-purpose), various other, rarely used ships

    What do you know about Elite Lore / Elite books you have read: Being a child of the 80s I naturally spent hours and hours playing the original games, but I only read the Dark Wheel novella and what information is collected on Galnet and the Forums.
    I believe that I have a pretty good grasp of the early Colonia and the Thargoid history, some knowledge about the Formidine Rift mystery and I absorb a lot of bits and pieces by active Canonn participation (I am probably more of a scientist than a politician...). I am also planning to read Drew's books in the near future.

    Any other allegiance we have to know about: Canonn, Winters Wolves (as a 41 Lambda Hydrae native - PP is optional in the WW, I opted out a month ago. I am mainly involved in humanitarian aid for nearby Outbreak and Famine systems plus some BGS work)

    A statement about your characters bio and your motivation:
    It is all a little bit complicated. Three years ago I woke up in a station with no recollection who I was or what happened. I had a Pilots Federation License and a Sidewinder to my name and that was that.
    As I had to earn a living I found myself some friends and a good system to mine in. The system had pristine rings and we slowly earned enough to buy better ships. Soon after my friends disappeared and I haven't heard of them ever since.

    After a while I heard of the Formidine Rift and the mystery shrouding it and went out on a first attempt in a rather badly equipped Cobra MkIII. I already ran into a Cul-de-Sac in the Orio-Persean-Gap, but at least the trip made enough credits to buy an Asp X and get seriously into exploration. It was like I had found my true calling and I was hooked! I started to look for Hassan's homeworld and soon after became a dedicated Rifter, not really knowing what I was looking for, but the tranquility and beauty out there just kept me going.

    Then, while I was still out in the Rift Jaques misjumped to Colonia, and I heeded the call to help him out, intrigued by his reports about the effects of the Unknown Artefacts. I was convinced that something important was to be discovered out in the Nebula he stranded at. All in all it was a marvellous time out there. Everyone was working together and those that took the risk of travelling 22k ly were all eager to build something different. Over a few months I spent considerable time combing the nearby Nebula for signs of what caused Jaques to misjump exactly where he did, but never found anything.
    When more groups started pushing out to Colonia and elements trickled in, who brought the ideas of the old world into the colony I started to feel restless again and headed back to the Rift along the Outer Arm, passing the locked sectors of Hyponia and the Bovomite Badlands (secretly hoping to find a way in).

    When I had visited the Zurara things started to change. A federal special operations group called "Unit 6" suddenly took interest in me after I had been there and poked around in the surrounding systems. That was when I temporarily joined up with the Winters forces as I thought that only a federal power would offer protection in my situation. Being a native of 41 Lambda Hydrae I am associated with the Winters Wolves (Hai-Malistso) - part of the local populace of 41 Lambda Hydrae who run a lot of humanitarian missions in the surrounding area and support Felicia Winters more out of neccessity than true desire (in fact I support the Chindi-Malistso part of 41 Lambda Hydrae's populace, who want to achieve planetary sovreignty again).

    With increasing tensions in the Pleiades and the resurfacing of the Thargoids the major powers showed their true faces once more. What was once called INRA is now cloaked into a new name just to make the same mistakes all over again. We are never told the truth and I fear that humanity will be sacrificed on the altar of the ambitions and lust for power of a few. I strongly believe that peaceful coexistance with the Thargoids is possible.

    It is time to burry my fears and to step up to help uncover all the little secrets hidden out there. I am used to the solitude of space and if someone wants to get me as a result of me asking the wrong questions... he'll first have to find me.

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    CMDR Tharrn, The Children Of Raxxla would like to welcome you into our faction.
    I have sent you an invitation to our Discord server with some instructions.

    Please Introduce yourself in the #general-discussion channel

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