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    New Applicant: Aggie Ninepence

    CMDR Name: Aggie Ninepence
    RL Age: 37
    Forum username: Aggie Ninepence

    Ingame Ranks:
    Exploration - Elite
    Trading - Tycoon
    Combat - Deadly

    Ships Owned:
    The Paper Crane - Lightweight 'distant stars' build exploration anaconda
    Veshkrist - Traditional engineered combat 'conda
    Black Star Liner - Tramp Steamer and low rent cruise liner
    DSRV Recusante - Ex-distant worlds exploration AspX, occasional passenger charter and fuel ratter
    My Heart is A Fish - Python mission runner
    Badb Catha - combat FDL
    Freya's Witch - Orca for 'discreet' passenger service
    Flutterbee - long range exploration DBX
    Clifford - the big red imperial cutter.

    What do you know about Elite lore?:
    I'm not very well versed - there's a big gap in my first hand experience between the first game and Elite Dangerous. I've absorbed a loose version of the previous contact with Thargoids, The INRA (?)Bioweapons involved in ending the war and a background of some association between the Thargoids and the Alliance via other players and their posts.

    I'm familiar with the simplified wiki versions of the founding of the three main factions, the direct events and implied history in Drew's two Salome-focused books, and a fairly large chunk of both ingame and out of game lore related to assorted player factions.

    ( It is fair to note, my commander knows less than I do. She is drawn to the wider goings on beneath the galaxy through a combination of finding Salome's search for truth inspiring, and a kneejerk distrust of large, 'distant' feeling powers.)

    Commander's introduction/motivation

    'I'd never had much time for demagogues and dramatic words, but she was different somehow, more vital, more ... alive.'

    'The dark side of a grubby little rock over sixty five kylies from Sol seems an unlikely place to find a sense of purpose, but you would understand if you'd been there, if you'd heard her speak.'

    'Her words were cryptic, the details few, but she hinted at something larger, something just out of reach, but something about the sound of it reached me, struck a chord with everything in me that longed for the darkness between the stars. After that, it was only a matter of time.'

    'I knew, then and there, that one day I would track down the Children and answer the call. I thought all was lost when, despite our best efforts she fell beneath the besieger's guns, but when your message reached me I realized I was wrong.'

    'Kahina Loren did not die in vain!'

    'I'm guessing you know more about me than I know about you, or I'd never have heard from you. But I'm here to listen, here to learn and perhaps be of help. Is there room for one more small candle in the dark?'

    Cmdr Ninepence is no hero or great space adventurer, no grand warrior for the greater powers, just a dockside brat who worked freighters for long enough to buy a sidewinder, ran small, high demand commodities until she could trade it in for something more significant, then one day (in a card game of ... dubious fairness), found herself the owner of both a battled diamondback explorer, and a pressing need to escape the bubble until a few peoples memories had a chance to fade.

    Among the stars she found friends, family, likeminded strange souls going a little stir crazy in their cockpits as they chattered away on long range command and, in one shining moment at Beagle Point, was inspired to reach for something brighter and larger than herself.

    Other relevant political ties

    I'm a part-time fuel rat, onetime flight leader of the Ghost Legion out of Phiagre (exploration wing), am on friendly terms with the Void worshippers of the Order of Enblackenment. I've also been known to aid a certain kind of Trucker in providing Mugs to the mugless across the bubble and beyond.

    I do not believe any of these interests are in conflict with those of CoR, and am very sure of where my priorities would point if they did.
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