Before The Storm

2nd September 3303

Delta sat at his desk in his office, something that was still somewhat alien to him despite now having 3 offices, aboard Cleve Hub inspecting his fleet from his console. “There is still much to be done” he concluded. He had not taken all of his ships to visit engineers, he didn’t need to as their purpose meant that they didn’t need it. But some that did require engineering were not complete. The main one that drew his attention was his Federal Corvette, Guardian, which still required much attention before he would deem it ready for service.

He stood up, walked to his office’s window and gazed out into the void, ignoring the constant buzz of traders and miners that made their living off of the station. Much had changed for him since the turn of the year. He’d joined 2 more factions, been promoted multiple times, vastly improved his own piloting, witnessed the re-emergence and death of Salomé, visited her reach a day and a year after it was claimed by the Children of Raxxla to name just a few things that had happened. All this while still dealing with the demons inside his head that scarred and tortured him from his past. It had taken his toll on him but he did not halt. DeltaCentauri was still relatively young but he’d already seen and experienced more things that most would experience in a lifetime. People often underestimated him, something he was not afraid to use to his advantage.

Delta knew there was no time for complacency, his scars were more than enough of a reminder for that. The Thargoids had shown themselves near the Pleiades nebula and humanity knew more was to come. Delta had his suspicions that these were the Oresrians, the more peaceful natured Thargoids, which would be the explanation for how few confrontations had been between Humans and Thargoids so far. This only meant one thing, worse was yet to come. The Klaxxians, the war-like Thargoids, had not approached humanity again, yet. Already Thargoid tech had proven vastly superior to Human tech and it would only be a matter of time before the Klaxxians engaged Humanity. Most of Humanity doesn’t even know that there are 2 species of Thargoid. Fears a Thargoid incursion into Human space were rising and rightly so.

Delta hoped for peaceful relationships to be formed between Humans and Thargoids but he was not optimistic at all. Both sides have groups within them intent on wiping the other out and so he had concluded that a Thargoid – Human war was inevitable. Humanity would need time to adapt to Thargoid tech if it had any hope of surviving a Klaxxian invasion. And that hope was something that it would need to cling onto in order to survive the initial onslaught. Some Humans had started to prepare by planning escape routes out of the bubble towards Humanity’s other foothold within the galaxy at Colonia. Others had started by preparing by getting ready for combat. Delta stood amongst the latter group. He knew that heavily engineered ships would be the best defence Humanity could muster before it adapted to Thargoid tech and tactics. As such he had spent most of his time since returning from his voyage to Salomé’s Reach in honing his combat capabilities. His piloting had improved a bit and he’d added another ship, a Federal Assault Ship called Revenant to his arsenal. His fleet commanding had also improved but both still left room for improvement, although this was nothing new as Delta had long been a perfectionist.

“Enough pondering idly, this will achieve nothing” Delta snapped to himself. He placed his mask over his face and pulled his hood up over it. He then briskly strode to the nearby elevator, making sure to grab and equip his gear on the way. “To my hangar” he grunted to the elevator’s computer, followed by his authorisation code. “There’s no rest for the wicked” he muttered to himself.