Hi folks,

as some of you might know, I try and reflect some events and elements from ED gameplay in a Blog called "Event Horizons". I have separated these events in a number of chapters for reading convenience. Most of the events shaped the evolvement of my Commander character to a certain degree.

Not all the chapters are finished. In fact, there's still a heavy load of writing ahead of me but that's okay.

The Chapters are categorized in the follwing order:

01 - Early Days
...representing the stage setting for Andrew Gaspurr entering the tumultuous galaxy after a rather abrupt end of his Navy career.

02 - The Long Arm
...episodal flashbacks and backroom dealings around an ill-fated Alliance survey mission in 3295 AD (and the attempts to find out aboutits fate).

03 - The Pilgrim's Path
...personal logs of Andrew Gaspurr while following in the wake of the First Great Expedition along the Sagittarius-Carina Arm in 3301 AD.

04 - Corona Australis
...going to a -quote- "dull and neglected stretch of space" and try and find a friend, who in turn tried to find out something else (and probably 'bigger').

05 - Distant Worlds
...personal logs of Andrew Gaspurr while participating in the grand and epic mammoth expedition across the Sagittarius Shadow into the legendary Ceekia regions on the other side of the galaxy.

06 - Taking Her Out
...going on a trip around the Bubble with Engineer Elvira Martuuk after being overworked from all the Arsenic Injection FSD prototypes she installed over the span of some months.

07 - Remember...
...describing (and possibly summarizing) the long, long road to being introduced into the Children of Raxxla and taking part in one of the biggest galactic events the Bubble has seen in a long time.

The episodes are dated accordingly to the ingame year and month they took place, i.e.:
2014 -> 3300
2015 -> 3301
2016 -> 3302
2017 -> 3303

There are a couple of other pages and dossiers, including a steadily growing Glossary. You can find them under 'Mission Statements'.

Feel free to put your comments or tweet around the episodes you like most