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    Sep 2017
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    Lucky to be Here

    CMDR Sirrus Tamus
    31 years old
    Frontier Forum: Sirrus Tamus
    Discord: Sirrus Tamus
    INARA: Sirrus Tamus

    Combat: Master
    Trade: Entrepreneur
    Explorer: Elite
    Ships: 22 out of the 31 - Main ship is an Anaconda: The Joker's Wild
    Explorer Ship: Asp X: The Dark Locust
    Read some of the Dark Wheel and want to read Reclamation
    I am a Deep Recon X member
    About me:
    After studying lore and being involved in the ED universe for the past 9 months; I have found that ED fulfills a great need to fulfill a higher order / goal. After meeting DRX I found a group of CMDRs that had direction and a mission; and being able to take part in the spirit of the group has grown me as a pilot and character. (RP) What I have learned from being involved in DRX has now led me to apply here to CoR. I am somewhat of a Space Cowboy; and I hope to be an asset.
    Thank You for the opportunity to apply and hopefully join,
    Best Regards,
    Sirrus Tamus

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    Based on your application coming with a recommendation from JT, Welcome to The Children Of Raxxla Sirrus Tamus
    A Discord invite has been sent

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