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    Hello world! Ed, CMDR L0wlander reporting in!

    Hello there commanders,

    • Commander name: L0wlander / L0wlanderII
    • Real life age: 40 years young.
    • Frontier forum username: CMDR L0wlander
    • Ranks: Triple Elite (must have been one of the first)
    • Ships I own/have owned: Every ship in the game, with 2 exceptions. The Keelback and the Dolphin (the latter simply because I haven't had the time to try one!)
    • Lore related books: Unfortunately I'm not much of a bookworm, so I haven't read any of the lore books. Playing the game for so long, and going to newly found areas/wrecks/ruins has exposed much of it though, and I do try to keep up as much as I can.
    • Other allegiances: I am a (pretty inactive) member of C.O.N.T.R.A.I.L. which hopefully isn't an issue.

    Character Bio: A practical person with a passion for sightseeing, particularly planetary nebulae and unusual systems. When I'm in the bubble I'm something of an all-rounder.
    My combat counter is over 27.000, trade profits over 2.5 billion, visited star systems around 30.000, 1.3 million LY flown (on main account. Second one is in use at the moment.)
    As you can clearly see, I'm not much of a roleplayer though. This is not my character bio, it's my own. He's me, and I am him. I'm Ed, commnander Sanderling's partner in wing exploration, dark/sarcastic humour, music sharing, shouting "Onward!" and beer consumption. <add grain of salt here>
    Slightly pleasantly disturbed explorer, currently on his way to the other side of the galaxy in a heavily modified, obviously shieldless Sidewinder. I am determined to pass 65k. Fully stocked on "jumponium" and AFMU refills (a 2A runs out of ammo rather quickly!)
    Played since day 2 of the release of version 1.0, Not proud of it but my total play time is over 23 weeks...
    According to the official Elite forum, the 75th person to reach Sagittarius A in February of that year.
    Other than that, someone who likes to do things that nobody else/very few people have done before. Not because of competition, just for the fun of it. "Yes, we can!"
    I also enjoy tinkering/engineering/ship building. Min-maxing ships, and quite often a source of information for others on these subjects.
    I was involved in the Salomé-action, trying to prevent disaster from happening. Apart from a few PVP encounters with obvious party-crashers, I was unfortunately unable to instance when disaster struck. (As was to be expected with so many commanders present).
    Still, a bitter pill.

    I hope to get to meet you people soon.

    Fly safe,

    Ed (CMDR L0wlander)

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    Thank you for your recent application Commander LOwlander, The Children Of Raxxla would like to welcome you into our faction
    I have sent you an invitation to our Discord server with some instructions. Please Introduce yourself in the #general-discussion.

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