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    New Applicant: FrankenBang

    Your CMDR name: FrankenBang

    Your real-life age: 25

    Your Frontier Forum user name: FrankenBang

    Your in-game ranks (Combat, Trade, Exploration): Novice, Merchant, Pathfinder

    Ships you own in-game: Cobra MKIII, ASP Explorer, Imperial Eagle

    What do you know about Elite Lore / Elite books you have read: I'm in the process of reading Elite: Reclamation. I still have alot to learn about the lore but love learning about it.
    Any other allegiance we have to know about: None.

    A statement about your characters bio and your motivation to join in no less than 100 words (you only get one chance to make an impression, so make it count):

    I've been flying for years now, done my share of good and my share of bad. When I started I was little more than a trigger happy kid, now I'm a tired man looking for more than I've been able to find. After earning the credits, and buying the ships I find myself wanting more. I've been all over but never really been anywhere, I've seen a lot without actually seeing anything, I thirst for more knowledge. My name means nothing except to the few people whose lives I've touched. Hopefully so I can find what I seek, unravel the mysteries and explore the Universe.

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    Welcome to The Children Of Raxxla CMDR FrankenBang
    A Discord invite has been sent

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