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    New Applicant: Heavensburn

    Your CMDR name: CMDR Heavensburn
    Your real-life age: 43
    Your Frontier Forum user name: Heavensburn
    Your in-game ranks (Combat, Trade, Exploration): Expert, Broker, Pioneer
    Ships you own in-game: Courier, Python, ASP X
    What do you know about Elite Lore / Elite books you have read: Read most of them - the good ones and the bad.
    Any other allegiance we have to know about: None

    You should know me already. That is, if the Founders still live and the records from the early days of CoR survived.

    If not, my name is CMDR Heavensburn. In September 3301, I began researching Lady Loren. My questions about her in Prism brought me to the attention of a new player group with similar interests - the Children of Raxxla. I served as CoR's original Intelligence Officer & System Engineer helping to establish this CommHub's predecessor. I also provided a calming voice to CMDR Thorn during those first few months as we learned to interact with LOSP (and routed out infiltrators like CMDR BlueFalcon.

    The politics of the role wasn’t for me, however. As much as I am a Child of Raxxla, I'm also a solitary child. With such capable newer members, such as CMDR TheTick, I believed the foundation I helped build would be in good hands. I'm happy to see that trust was well placed and love the evolution in the CommHub since that time! I made one last run through the nebulas and black holes near the Rift and retired to Achenar. I'm not looking for an active political role within CoR, but will serve if requested. And if the original CoR records were lost, I’m pretty sure I have a database backup somewhere (PM if you want it).

    I feel like I have unfinished business in the Rift and am heading back there. The Dead Reckoning has been renamed to Salomé’s Tear. I’m approaching Slegou AA-A H37, in route to Farsight Expedition Base, and will call that asteroid home for the foreseeable future. Therefore, I won’t be able to complete the Cadet tests, but I hope my prior service will suffice. If someone wants to use my Python, you’ll find it in storage berth E218 on Serebrov Terminal.
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    Welcome home CMDR Heavensburn, application fast-tracked

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