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    New Applicant: Unbreakablex

    Commander Unbreakablex
    You can find me on the forums at Unbreakable where I role play a thargoid for laughs. I regularly contribute to a few subscribed threads. The canonn, the Rifters, and the search for raxxla.
    Combat expert. Trade Entrepreneur. Exploration Ranger. CQC Helpless
    Ships I own include but are not limited to: cutter, asp X, FDL, Beluga.
    I have read pretty much all lore surrounding the formadine rift, Salomé, the dynasty conspiracy, the club, wreaken, Sirius, thargoids, hyperspace, witch-space, the history of FSD's, the guardians, the CoR, Rebecca, The Zurara, Teorge logs, generation ships, abandoned sites, and studied FSD charging via white dwarfs and neutron stars.
    Other allegiance includes Canonn, the rifters, and the Order of Möbius. Although 2/3 of those are a loose collection of independent pilots.

    I started playing just after release. Solo only. Got bored and left. Came back when I heard of the Salome event. Started pouring over the lore and backstory. Got hooked. Have been back ever since reading the lore and history, learning the secrets of this universe, and learning that you can play with like minded PvE people without the threat of being killed repeatedly in open by griefers. I want to explore and discover the mysteries in elite. I want justice for Salomé. I want to discover Raxxla, Estalish trade relations with the Thargoids, and bring down the club.

    Unbreakable aka Melissa "Misty" Mistano was born on Mars. Her Father was a simple trader, Her mother was a teacher. She was always looking up at the stars, hoping the next twinkle in the sky was her dad coming home.

    She was fascinated with space ever since she was little. Human expansion and colonization of new worlds, traveling beyond the borders of federation space into the unknown. She saw pictures from her dad of strange new worlds, filled with new life, untouched by man. She heard all the stories from her dad and his friends and it filled her with a wanderlust to explore.

    One fateful day she asked her dad if she could tag along for a ride, he said yes. He was only going to Abraham Lincoln for supplies to ferry back to mars. He also had a contract delivery to Hutton orbital which was paying an unusually high amount, that would give him more time with his daughter.

    On the way to Hutton he spent a very long time showing his daughter the controls, teaching her about all the gauges and dials, and explaining all about space travel to her. This one delivery, he said, will pay all our bills for a month!

    Upon landing at Hutton orbital in his trusty T6, he was told the cargo had to be hand delivered to a special room. He lifted the boxes containing very rare and expensive alcohol and foods, loaded them onto his old dolly, and they set out. It was her first delivery with dad, she was so excited. When he reached the room he saw there were guards out front. They searched them both and signaled them through.

    The room was dimly lit, and he could hear voices from the shadows. He placed the boxes on a table, which were immediately tended to by servants. He was ushered further into the room where he saw 5 people sitting around the table, 3 men and 2 women. One man stood and walked towards her dad, but upon seeing her he stopped. He turned to his colleagues and they nodded and whispered in agreement.

    The large man turned around, stretched out his hand, and thanked her dad for the prompt and courteous service. He told the man how beautiful his little girl and how proud he must be having his little commander with him today.

    The man and daughter were dismissed and headed back to the ship. He pulled up a mini holo-fac on his wrist and ordered a mug, which was already in his hold by the time they boarded again.

    They departed and jumped out. He set his heading for Abraham Lincoln to pick up the cargo bound for Mars. He didn't notice the hollow triangles behind him on the sensors. Blue light flicked around the cockpit and the ship jerked out of control. Ripped from supercruise the ships pounced on the bulky T6 savagely tearing at its shields and armor, showing no remorse or mercy.

    He boosted away, hoping to buy some time for the system authorities to show up, but it was no use. His signals were being jammed. Nobody was coming to save them. He jumped out of the pilots seat, snatched his daughter from the seat, and dragged her back to the rear of the ship. He stuffed her into the only escape pod and hit the eject button. She watched, horrified, as the ship disintegrated in front of her. His last words ringing out in her ears, it's serious.

    The escape pod shot out towards Mars and she was left alone to grieve her final moments with dad.

    Her mom rushed to the station to pick her up. When she heard her husbands last words her face went pale. She rushed her daughter home, packed what they could, and left the rest on the first transport out of there.

    Fast forward, LHS 3447,18th birthday, finally a full fledged and legal commander about to get her first sidewinder. A strange man shows up at her party as she is blowing out the candles. He walks up behind her mother and cuts her throat. She screams and runs for the sidewinder. He pulls a blaster, but luckily is a terrible shot and misses every one like a storm trooper.

    She boosts out of the station and never looks back. Now operating under the name Unbreakablex, she seeks vengeance on the people who killed her parents, information about the strange group of 5 that was her first and final delivery with her dad, and trying to figure out why her dads last words were "it's serious".

    Fast forward: somewhere between 46 Eridani and Tionisla. Unbreakablex is no closer to finding the group of 5, but she knows someone who can help. Commander Salomé. She is heading this way, and I have to protect her. All I have is an imperial eagle with a FSD interdictor, and a T6 in the hangar back home. Now 24 years old, she learned in time she had misheard her father. He said Sirius, not serious. Since then she has cut ties with the federation and vows to stop Sirius at every turn until she gets answers.

    I get word, Salomé is near, I watch the sensors, nothing. Then as quickly as she was near, she was gone. I was then ordered to scout the route ahead, which I did. 2 jumps from tionisla and all is clear. Then came the news, Salomé killed. My heart sank. She was the only person who could answer the questions I had. Now I am alone again with no leads, and no clues.

    I went to tionisla searching for her conspirators, but they were already gone. Perhaps Raan or Tsu could shed some light on what's going on. Nothing there but the void. So I headed to Teorge where I learned about The Club. No new information, just that those 5 people I met that fateful day is known as the club and they have a massive cover up. Through digging, research, and exploration, I found out Sirius was involved, as well as Wreaken, the Federation, and the Empire as well as some engineers. None of them can be trusted.

    Fast Forward to today. I work to unlock some engineers, and to gain the trust of the federation and Empire, hoping to come into information I need to move my plans forward. I work with minor factions I support like the Order of Möbius, and Canonn. I explore, experiment, and discuss the mysteries of the galaxy, and I am constantly looking out for Raxxla. I will get the answers I seek, I will get the Justice I crave, because I am Unbreakable.
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    Thank you for your recent application Commander Unbreakablex, The Children Of Raxxla would like to welcome you into our faction
    Shortly you will receive an invitation to our Discord server. Please Introduce yourself in the #general-discussion.

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