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    New Applicant: CMDR Tilt Controls

    Your CMDR name: Tilt Controls
    Your real-life age: 24
    Your Frontier Forum user name: none
    Your in-game ranks (Combat, Trade, Exploration): Dangerous, Elite, Elite
    Ships you own in-game:Asp Explorer, Python, FDL, Clipper, Anaconda (60Ly exploration ship), Corvette, and money to outfit/engineer anything
    What do you know about Elite Lore / Elite books you have read: Lurking forums for various canonn science threads and what lore was being interpreted there. Currently purchased and reading elite: reclamation. I am up to date on much of the in-game story elements relating to the alien events(canonn type stuff), ruins, the formidine rift, Salome's story and Salome's Requiem
    Any other allegiance we have to know about: none, I've been mostly a solo player since beta.

    A statement about your characters bio and your motivation to join: Starting my journey as a commander I was never much for activity in the bubble. Without knowing any other commanders, I flew my own way. The dark intrigued me most, and as soon as I had a hauler with 25 Ly of range and a scanner, I set out into the black. Visiting Sag A, the other side of the galaxy, and endless hours scanning neutron fields, I was pretty burned out from exploration. Without the technology to land on planets or mods to speed up the trip, returning to the bubble meant accepting my promotion to elite and moving on to other professions. My curiosity was piqued again by the discovery of alien artifacts and other strange events around the galaxy. I've spent countless hours recreating others' research and attempting my own. Unfortunately my private work has been mostly fruitless. Most frustrating was spending a month and a half out in the formidine rift with nothing to accompany me but my own skeptical thoughts about the veracity of all these "secrets" in the galaxy. But my desire to know all there is about the galaxy won't stop there, and I'm starting to come to the realization that it can't be done well alone. I've been intrigued with the Children of Raxxla since first hearing of Salome, and believe the groups aims align much with my own, and I would like to dedicate myself to the group's greater goal in uncovering the truths of our universe.
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