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    New Applicant: James Minderbinder

    CMDR Name: James Minderbinder
    Age: 47
    Frontier Forum Name: jefranklin18
    Ranks: Expert, Broker, Ranger
    Viper Mk4 - Kali
    Cobra Mk3 - Bacchus
    Diamondback Explorer - Gudridur
    Asp Explorer - Gudridur II
    Type 6 - Mikula
    Type 7 - Nostromo

    Lore/Books Read:
    I know a fair bit having been a Kickstarter backer from day 2, and played FFE and FE2 previously. Books read: Reclamation, Legacy, Lave Revolution, And Here the Wheel, Wanted, Mostly Harmless, Tales from the Frontier

    Allied to Pilot Federation due to being a founding member

    Charcter Bio
    Born on Founders World, a yearning for the stars was always on the cards. Following the crossing of the Formidine Rift and accessing the logs of the Zurara, aligning with the Children of Raxxla to discover who is hiding what from mankind seems the right thing to do.

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    Thank you for your recent application, I would like to express my appreciation for your interest in our recruitment for the Cadet role in The Children Of Raxxla.

    After careful consideration I regret to inform you that on this occasion we have decided not to progress your application any further.

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