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    New Applicant: Av'ren Kildarian

    CMDR Av’ren Kildarian
    Age: 27
    Frontier Forum ID: CMDR Av’ren Kildarian

    Combat: Expert
    Trade: Broker
    Exploration: Pioneer

    Anaconda - FCDI Scout 1 (exploration/light combat)
    DBX - C.R.V. Astraeus (Long distance exploration)
    Python - The Radegast (Purely combat, WIP)
    AspX - Abeona’s Redux (Purely exploration)
    Imperial Eagle - PAC interdictor

    Up to speed on all of Drew Wagar’s works as well as his lore updates on his blog. I am a member of Canonn and follow most, if not all, of the discussions and theories running through their forums and discord server and am currently catching up on their most recent mega-thread.

    I have no connections to any of the super powers or sub-powers working under those umbrellas. I am an active member of The Ghosts of COL 70 and am in a new faction known as First Contact Defence Initiative and a not as active member of the Canonn research group. I was also a member of PAC during the Salomé event under the command of Paroxysm.

    Character summary:

    Commander Av’ren Kildarian served the Federation navy for 10 years as a corvette pilot. During his career he became disenchanted with the Federation and convinced it no longer stood for humanity’s best interests. After his EAS from service under the Federation flag he flew for all sorts of characters and under a large variety of commands and charges. He eventually came to distrust the Empire and Alliance as well, settling his allegiance with the independent groups working in the galaxy. Though groups such as Canonn meant well and were of great benefit to humanity in the realm of science he still felt as though he could be doing more. After hearing about Salomé and the efforts she was making despite making herself an enemy of the state he decided to join PAC and help in any way he could. After the death of Salomé and the bittersweet victory of her comrades he crewed up with FCDI, a fleet in the making preparing to defend humanity from what was coming from the pleiades sector. Even with the preparations being made he feels he could be doing more to uncover the secrets of the galaxy’s corrupt and powerful and help bring to light those who would be a detriment to humanity’s survival. So he has set out to attempt to contact, and hopefully join the ranks of, the Children of Raxxla in the hopes of aiding them in their efforts to better the galaxy and discover its secrets.

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    Thank you for your application details CMDR, The Children Of Raxxla would like to welcome you into the Cadet Ranks.
    Shortly you will receive an invitation to our Discord server. Please Introduce yourself in the #general-discussion

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