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    New Applicant: Scarlet Ashcroft

    Your CMDR name
    Scarlet Ashcroft

    Your real-life age

    Your Frontier Forum user name

    Your ingame ranks (Combat, Trade, Exploration)


    Ships you own ingame
    Federal Corvette- The Daughter of Typhoeus
    All other ships are slated to be decommissioned.

    What do you know about Elite Lore / Elite books you have read
    I know quite a lot, I've read Out of the Darkness, Elite: Premonition, and And Here The Wheel

    Any other allegiance we have to know about
    I am a member of the Earth Defense Fleet

    A short statement about your characters bio and your motivation to join
    I am a proud member of the Federal Navy who strives to protect the birthplace of humanity as well as ensure the survival and expansion of our species as a whole. I will use any means necessary to achieve my goals. My motivation behind joining is the fact that we have similar goals, though perhaps different methodologies. I will be upfront in saying that I also seek to use CoR as an intelligence resource and information network to aid my own campaigns.

    I am not here to fight corruption, as I believe that is a waste of resources and manpower. I am not afraid to use the broken system of corporate governments to my advantage. To accept me into your ranks is to accept a corrupt individual whom has spilled the blood of both the innocent and guilty alike. Everything I do however is for the greater good of our species. I am willing to make the difficult choices that so very few are capable of. Unlike the rest of the snakes that hide in the shadows, I see no reason to mask my motives and methods. I have enough power at my disposal that it is simply not necessary. I believe in having an honest reputation, even if it is a dirty one. For trust is one of the rarest and most valuable commodities among mankind. I present all of this information to you so that you may make an informed choice. So what say you? Will you welcome the devil's daughter into your home?

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    I have some questions:

    You are militaristic, slaughter the innocent and want to use our resources to further your campaigns. Then you say our goals are similar. What do you think those goals are and in which way are your goals similar to ours?

    Also: What are you going to contribute to the group?
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    Our goals are similar in that I believe you have humanities best interests at heart. I am simply willing to make greater sacrifices in order to protect our species for i believe the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. With the recent hostilities from our alien visitors, I believe now more than ever, that we need to prepare the human race for the conflict that is to come. Failure to do so may result in our extinction. The galaxy is a cruel and merciless place, and it has no patience for tender hearts.

    As for what I offer in return, our relationship would be mutually beneficial. While I would use your resources to further my own ends, so too would my own resources benefit your objectives as well. I am both a wealthy and influential person among the galaxy. This should be self evident given my recent history with the Wreaken Construction company and the fact that I raised an army out of nothing and in a strikingly short period of time. In addition, my skill for intelligence gathering and data analysis is on par with that of some of the galaxies finest. I imagine some of your own members can confirm as such. What I take, I will also offer back equal in return. I am not here to be a parasite, I am here to be an ally.

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    Thank you for your interest in our group, Commander Ashcroft. At this time we have chosen not to take you in as a cadet; however, we do certainly welcome you as an ally. Accordingly, we wish to invite you to work alongside our other Envoys, coordinating directly with our members where our interests may align. A private transmission will be sent shortly with your personal encryption keys for use on our secure channels. We look forward to working with you.

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