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    New Applicant : CMDR Prisma

    CMDR Prisma
    Age: 19
    Frontier forum: Tyvas

    Combat: Deadly
    Trade: Tycoon
    Explorer: Pioneer

    - Imperial Cutter | "Anastasia II"
    - Imperial Clipper | "Majesty"
    - Imperial Courier | "Spearhead"
    - Federal Corvette | "Dirty Glory"
    - Federal Assault Ship | "Black Lightning"
    - Diamondback Explorer | "Sputnik-1"
    - Asp Explorer | "Buran"
    - Beluga Liner | "Fhloston Paradise"
    - Vulture | "Vulturator"
    - Cobra Mk III
    - Viper Mk III

    I've read fully the Drew Wagar's blog, and passed a lot of time on the Cannon's website and discord. I learnt a lot from these sources, but I also studied the main events and elite happenings through wiki and reddit.
    Last but not least important, my former group, Lavigny's Legion, taught me the Imperial lore deeply: I could understand better the Salomè event thanks to them.

    I'm a former Lavingy's Legion Quaestor (high ranking officer, specialized in lore and visual communication), and I've been pledged to the Empire for over a year now;
    I also partecipated in the Salomè event, as a protector, but couldn't see action because of the bad instancing.



    tl;dr in the bottom (with some extra info).

    CMDR Prisma was born in Carthage, near the heart of the Empire. Being an officer's son, he was forced since a kid to follow his father's steps and become a soldier, but he was never enthusiastic about that reality, and tried to run several times from his home.
    After he finished his military training, the young CMDR searched a way to escape his home system, and go as deep in the space as possible, in the hope of finding something out there. He eventually accepted a job as a crew member of the Asp Explorer "Buran": the captain of that ship was headed to Sagittarius A to make some studies on wormholes, singularity and alien portals to other worlds and galaxies.
    It didn't take too long for Prisma to understand that the captain was obsessed with his study, especially with a place called Raxxla: Prisma heard this name only in legends and tales when he was a child, but never really focused on that. He eventually found out that the captain wasn't actually going to Sagittarius, but he was searching for the legendary planet: the supermassive black hole was just an excuse to go deep in the space, and attract some crew members to help him with the ship. Nobody knew the reality until they were half way to the center of the galaxy: some crew members pointed out that the Captain was flying in big circles around some specific areas, releasing radars and beacons, rather than going straight to the center, and the time lost that way was already considerable. The Captain started then to threaten the crew members, and the brawl started: somebody missed a shot with his laser gun, and accidentally hit the control panel, causing damage to the ship controls. It didn't take too long for the situation to degenerate further.
    The "Buran" was on a collision route, heading to an icy moon: the majority of the crew members already launched themselves away with escape pods, while the captain and two other crew members, including Prisma, stayed in the ship.
    The impact was fast and merciless: the Asp's shield generator muffled the hit, but all the crew members lost senses.
    "Attention, life support module damaged" - The robotic's voice woke up Prisma, which instantly felt the lack of oxygen in the air. He was injured and stunned, but he could take his emergency oxygen mask from the first aid package, and wear it.
    He layed down on the cold floor for an hour, but then stood up and searched for his crewmates. He found first the crew member: he was dead, skewerd on the cockpit's broken glass.
    Prisma turned back, shocked, and started to check each cabin on the ship, hoping to find the Captain: he was in his room, laying on the floor and barely breathing, while squeezing in his hands some of his papers. Prisma promptly helped him to stand up, and gave him a new oxygen mask.
    "We are close... I know... it..." - whispered the Captain. Prisma was too stunned and angry to listen, but he noticed a very bright light coming down from the corridor. A high pitched sound than resonated in his ears, making him even more stunned. Light started to brighten up strongly, and Prisma fainted again.
    When he woke up he found himself in the captain's seat of the supercruising Buran, badly repaired but still solid. He noticed a letter attached to the control panel, and there was something written on it: "Forget Raxxla, and go back home. We will be watching you.", signed "DW".

    After his first journey to the deep black, with a CMDR obsessed with Raxxla and everything connected to it, CMDR Prisma felt the need to solve the mystery surrounding that planet. The strange ending of the journey (where all his crewmates and captain disappeared), has driven the young CMDR to start climbing the imperial navy ranks, and search answers about Raxxla in classified databanks and military files. Even with the help of some imperial and indipendent scientists, he still couldn't find anything tangible.
    The recent events, like the Thargoid appearance, Salomé hunt and Guardian's bulding findings, pushed the CMDR to search even deeper, in the Formidine Rift:
    he didn't arrive there yet, but he's strongly determinated to find the mystery that Salomé found there, and solve it.

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    I just finished reading "The Dark Wheel". A quite interesting read indeed...

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    Thank you for your application details CMDR, The Children Of Raxxla would like to welcome you into the Cadet Ranks.
    Shortly you will receive an invitation to our Discord server. Please Introduce yourself in the #general-discussion

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