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    Re-Applicant: Asamith

    I was already in CoR, i've also posted in commader profiles, but it seems now I out of your Discord; so... this is my reapplication form.

    Name: Asamith
    RL Age: 33
    Frontier forum username: Asamith
    Ranks: Deadly/Elite/Scouts
    Ships: Corvette, Fdl, Fas, Dropship, DBX, Courier, Cobra MK III, Cobra MK IV
    About elite lore: Additional my background, I play since from 1.1 so I've " lived " in ED universe since of early time
    Other Alliance: DVSEO Admiral ( DaVinci Corp Intelligence ), Galcop, Pegasi Sector Commonwealth founder.
    My cmdr's bio:
    Why do I want to apply? One day, I hope soon, I will start to game free from all my "duties"; and probably I will do this here.

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    Thank you for your recent re-application, we have decided not to progress your application any further.

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