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    May 2017

    New Applicant: Nishi

    CMDR Nishi
    Age: 34
    Frontier forum: Nishi

    Combat: Master
    Trade: Tycoon
    Explorer: Pioneer

    Asp Explorer "West Wind" (most used)
    Diamondback Scout
    Imperial Courier
    Federal Corvette (currently used)

    I've read the Dark Wheel long ago (played Elite on Spectrum); also stories from different sources incl. Drew Wagar's site &, info from Wikia (e.g. about Salome).

    I joined Canonn not so long ago to access their site for informational and historical reasons;
    a friend of the Black Hand of Jaaka;


    Tooks part in the Premonition End Game Event in fleet 3 (scout), but no real action, never got to the same instance as Salome.
    Explored Guardian ruins (I mastered jumping skills there, it was so fun), made friends, few times I travelled back there to help others with decoding of last remaining ruins.

    I've already interacted with you a little, e.g. with Erimus during two chasing-of-Salome events (e.g. on 1st April) before the Premonition End Game Event:

    Jackie Silver removed me from friend list just before he discovered Zurara, it seems he was suspicious that at the time (by random luck^^) as I was going in the same direction to fulfil Palin's requirements. So I extended my journey and visited Zurara myself, I was excited to discover and hear that voice.


    I have no bio at this point, I envy so much the people who made their storyline, maybe one day...
    My motivations:
    1. I want to be in the center of the action, to be among purposeful people; until now I recklessly hopped to anything what caught my attention;
    2. historical, I want to read Salome's watch which is classified as far as I know

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    Apologies for the delay & thank you for your application details CMDR, The Children Of Raxxla would like to welcome you into the Cadet Ranks.
    Shortly you will receive an invitation to our Discord server. Please Introduce yourself in the #Visitor-Lobby

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