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    New Applicant-CMDR Junibug31

    *** In the year 3278, Junibug31 was born at Trevithick Dock, LHS 3447. His parents owned a small apartment on Deck G, and he had a nice view of the infinity of space, and sometimes the planet the station orbited. His parents both worked with the delivery service for The Future of LHS 3447, transporting goods to other stations in the systems and nearby systems, such as Eravate. Junibug31 had always admired the stars, and dreamed to one day explore them, and find numerous systems to claim as his own. He had never traveled in space, excluding the times were his parents would allow him to take a ride with them on a delivery mission. They themselves did not own a ship, but the company they worked for used Keelbacks for the missions, because of their relatively large cargo space and their ability to carry a fighter bay. His parents never seemed interested in the unknown, they just focused on their day to day lives. But their boy had his eyes fixed on the stars, . . . From the flight school window.

    He didn’t see why all of the training was necessary, because flying, to him, has just like walking. Sure, it’s a bit tough at the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, you’re never going to forgetting. On every test, every examination, he passed easily. Finally, after years of seemingly unnecessary training, he received his licence. For his excellent grades and recognized hard work, he received a Sidewinder from The Future of LHS 3447. Before his first flight, he checked the missions tab in Starport Services. Nothing more than a few thousand credits were offered for most of the missions, and even though that would be a great amount of money for the boy, he decided he could find something bigger. He had heard of Commanders who had scored millions upon millions from a single mission, so with that, he bid his parents goodbye and left the station for Eravate. He was shocked at the speeds he traveled in witchspace, and before he knew it, he was lightyears from where he just was seconds before. He landed at Cleve Hub, a place his parents frequently visited. There, he scrolled through the missions, finally finding his dream mission, to travel to Sothis, a solid 511 light years away, and stem the flow of criminals. The reward was twenty million credits for 37 confirmed kills of any wanted ship in the system. Not only would he get their bounties, but if returned the Cleve Hub alive, he would be a millionaire. He accepted, and set off at once, first navigating through the bubble, doing his best to avoid systems with Imperial Jurisdiction, and then he was in unexplored space. With only a Basic Discovery Scanner, he discovered many planets, moons, and stars. When he reached *Sothis, he turned in his exploration data for a reward of 20,000 credits, which was enough for him to purchase a 1E Frame Shift Drive Interdictor, so he could pull his targets out of supercruise. He also purchased gimballed pulse lasers, so he could shoot his targets almost anywhere in his field of view.

    He left the station and immediately found his first target, an Adder. After an easy interdiction, he found himself in his first combat situation. Deploying his hardpoints, he glanced at his enemy’s weapons. Two beam lasers and a rail gun. He had heard of rail guns before, in flight school. They were one of the most powerful human weapons in the galaxy, so powerful that they were fixed, which meant all Junibug31 had to do was keep on his tail. He fired his lasers, the Adder’s shields flaring, and moved closer to its backside. The Adder attempted to turn around, but he was clearly no expert pilot. The Sidewinders lasers flung off the Adder’s shields and tore into its hull, quickly knocking it to zero. He stopped his ship and watched as the Adder spun around in uncontrolled circles, finally ending in an explosion. One down, thirty-six to go. After three days of flying, he achieved his goal of 37 kills, and headed back to Cleve Hub. When he arrived, he turned in the mission, and was awarded with twenty million credits.

    Junibug31 would later achieve the rank of Expert in combat, and the rank of Pathfinder in exploration, with 22,000,000 credits in profit. He tried trading for a little in a Keelback, but not enjoying it much, switched to combat, where he used an Eagle Mk II, Viper Mk IV, Python, and Asp Explorer. He also loved to explore with his Asp, and later the Diamondback Explorer, because of its higher jump range. He engineered its FSD to be able to jump 56 lightyears at once. It was not until the year 3303, when a certain GalNet article came to his attention. A distress call from the Col 70 Sector? Why would anyone be there, it was permit-locked? He pushed it to the back of his mind until April 29, 3303. A twenty-eight year old girl had apparently discovered a huge secret about something, something connected to the Formidine Rift. She herself died in the attempt to reveal the secret, but her friends made it and got the story out. Junibug31 had also heard of a lost ship in the system Syreadiae JX-F C0. He decided to make the journey out to see for himself what had happened, and when he arrived, he discovered for himself a tragic story. Determined to find the culprit, he traveled the 12,000 ly back home and looked into groups working to discover this secret. Canonn Research looked good, but they were looking into different secrets. Next he found the Children of Raxxla, the group the girl, Salome, was the leader of. He decided that it would be perfect, and he could do his part to uncover the mystery of the murders on the Zurara. But the real question was, would they accept him?

    If anything wasn't clear:
    CMDR name: Junibug31
    Age: 14
    Frontier Username: Junibug
    Combat: Expert
    Trade: Entreprenuer ( I think I said merchant on the applicantion but that was wrong, sorry.)
    Explorer: Pathfinder
    CQC: Helpless
    I own an Eagle Mk II, Keelback, Diamondback Explorer, Asp Explorer, Python, and used to own a Viper Mk IV
    I have read Elite Reclamation, and hopefully soon Darkwheel. Can't wait for Premonition.
    Not sure what allegiance means; I am not in any other player group, and allied with the Federation.
    Apologies if I missed anything. Sorry if the bio was a bit long.

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    Thank you for your application details CMDR, The Children Of Raxxla would like to welcome you into the Cadet Ranks.

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