CMDR Name: Zeph Koenig Rayleigh

Forum Name: Zeph

Age: 23

Ingame Ranks:

Combat - Master
Trade - Broker
Exloration - Ranger


Python - XV-Cryptus -> Currently used ship
DBX - XV-Nomad -> Usually used ship
Eagle - XC-Reaper -> Usually used ship
Asp Explorer V2 - XV-Obsidius -> Usally used ship
Asp Explorer V1 - XV-Visionaire -> Usually used ship

Elite Lore:
Almost to none. I know a few important things about the superpowers and their doings, but not all of it.

Ghost Squadron
4th Founding Member, currently known as Ghost Legion; (1st year) (Ex-Member) (Left)
-> Old group of good friends, initially pve, but now pvp and pve.

Shadow Network Intel Service Agency, Director and Reformed Shadow Broker; (2nd year) (Disbanded, Deactivated)
-> Dedicated intel agency to the ways of gathering intelligence in legal and legitimate ways, formerly affiliated with anti-griefing Player Factions.

Paladin Consortium Member; (2nd/3rd Year) (Ex-Member) (Left/Kicked)
-> Old group of friends, both pve and pvp, anti-griefing group

The Forge's Keeper of the Hammer, Council of Founders Member; (2nd/3rd year) (Ongoing) (Admin)
-> Dedicated science, exploration, investigation and diplomacy group hub, related with subjects regarding peacefull contact with alien species.

Character Background, RL/Non-roleplay-wise:

I began playing on 16, December 2014.
Started out as Bounty Hunter and CZ Merc. Joined Mobius and eventually joined Ghost Squadron(GL) in March 3301.
After a couple of months I started my exploration career with Visionaire and went on leading a small expedition to Pleiades with GS/L.
Atempted going on a trip known as Blue Eyed Lili Voyage, tribute to Grandmother Lili, trying to achieve Tribute Elite in Exp.
Going back to the bubble, I decided to begin my own intel gathering agency, thus supporting likeminded anti-griefing groups.
With a small life span, the agency disbanded, regarding small number of agents and overwork.
After that I went on freelancing, focused on smuggling, exploration and combat.
A couple months later I joined PalCon in October, eventually joining The Forge and meeting with close friends like - Dutch and Ethereal.
Left PalCon regarding the recent events in early May. Eventually


CoR-wise - Upon Christopher and Efil's instructions, I decided to create my account on the forums and send this application.
Being that CoR and TF's relation is growing, I decided to contact CoR as an Ambassador from The Forge, meaning that I consider socializing and making new connections with CoR members - a good idea, diplomacy-wise.