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    New Applicant: Skye Nakamura

    1. CMDR-Name: Skye Nakamura

    2. Age: 35

    3. Forum name: N3oNoi2

    4. Ranks: Dangerous // Merchant // Ranger

    5. Ships: Python // FAS // Keelback // ASP Explorer // Cobra Mk.III // Vulture

    6. Lore: Reclamation // CoR-Novella // Premonition (reading in progress)

    7. History:

    In the beginning of 3303, Skye Nakamura met another CMDR who happened to have the same familyname. This other CMDR was Yuri Nakamura.
    After a quick research of their ancestors, it became pretty clear that those two characters are distant cousins who unfortunately have never had the chance to meet before.

    Yuri was eventually the one who told Skye about this secret organisation, the Children Of Raxxla.

    So, always with this nagging feeling inside, that there is something shady going on in the galaxy and especially with those who most people call their leaders, she was very intrigued with the idea and the motivation of the Children. But there were still other things to handle. As she was fighting with her brothers in Starblazer to reclaim a Station from some shady corporation a long and enduring battle.

    Skye has never trusted the superpowers, she considers GalNet as fake-news that should be questioned!

    On 08 APR 3303 something happened, that shifted all of her previous priorites, things like credits and bigger ships became just pointless:

    She had to read Imperial intelligence services placed a bounty on a CMDR. A CDMR whose name she was well aware of. Because it was her very own familyname. Those bastards dared to place a bounty on her cousin's head! Well, one can only imagine her reaction after decades of being without a family or any contact to them... the final stroke.

    A decision was made. She would applicate for the Children. To explore the galaxy, uncover the truth, fight with them, fight for them.

    5. Skye is a part time member of Starblazer, a group of independent bountyhunters and explorers, based in HIP 111755. She is also affiliated with The Canonn.

    ~ Remember Salomé
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