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    New Applicant: Kerrida Alameles

    CMDR Name: Kerrida Alameles

    RL Age: 34 (almost 35)

    Frontier Forum Name: Kerrida

    In-game Ranks: Combat: Expert Trade: Broker Exploration: Ranger

    Ships Owned: Asp Explorer, Viper Mk III, Imperial Clipper, Imperial Courier, Eagle x 2

    Lore Knowledge: My knowledge of the lore is rather limited as I’ve not been able to find a group I felt I could trust to point me to things that are solid sources. I didn’t want to end up getting ahold of a mix of fan theory, fiction, and other stuff without having a solid grasp of what was official to help keep the lines from crossing. Granted I also like to learn things organically as I go. I have done what research I can, even reading the limited entries still on Drew’s site and the likes.

    Books Read: The Children of Raxxla Novella, The Dark Wheel, and Currently reading Reclamation

    Other Allegiance: Current: Fuel Rats & Privateer’s Alliance. Past: Aisling’s Angels and Aisling Duval

    Short Bio:
    ***Initiating Encrypted Transmission***

    Greetings to the Children of Raxxla. I am Kerrida Alameles, and I seek to join your number and help continue the work that was already begun. I will not deny that I was a loyal Imperial citizen and fought hard in the machinations of the Major Powers. I had thought that the Princess’s ideals would help reshape things to be better for all. But I was wrong, evidence of which was made even more clear when the Princess spoke of Lady Salome.

    I reached a point where the fighting just seemed pointless and so I took a hiatus from the Power Play the factions leaders were embroiled in and found something fulfilling in making runs as a Fuel Rat. I even found a group that ignored all of the politics and just did their own thing, thus I began flying with the Privateer’s Alliance when I wasn’t running a rescue.

    Still, I longed to explore the depths and study these mysteries that seemed to crop up. I’ve just never really understood how. I know there were a few groups that could help teach that, but they are always so big and I like smaller, more close-knit groups as it were.

    I suppose I really should have listened when I crossed paths with one of your members, but I did not realize the weight that such carried. At least not until the aftermath of the late Lady Salome’s plight. I wish I had heard of her message sooner. I wish I had realized things sooner. I wish a lot of things really, but all that one can do is make a choice and take a chance. Though she has passed beyond the veil, her words did not fall on deaf ears. Her actions have not gone unnoticed. And neither have the shadowy machinations of our governments as they seek to conceal things from their people.

    If you would have me, I would be honoured to help continue the work started and help carry the beacon of light and truth while seeking it out. I may not be the greatest explorer, but I will be there when called upon.

    Take care, Children. If you need to reach me, I will easily be found running some missions around your systems when I’m not on a rescue run. I may be an outsider, but hopefully it can help a bit.

    *** Ending Encrypted Transmission ***


    Hey guys, thank you for consideration. Eeesh how I had paid more attention last year/earlier this year when Kristalan first told me he was part of CoR. I had been wanting to find a solid group that was lore and rp focused (and still on the smaller side), but had thought the group just did wanton exploration without much else. Ooops! I’ve been eagerly awaiting a chance to apply ever since my utter misconception was corrected lol. Hopefully I’ve been able to answer your questions to your satisfaction. While I’ve been waiting I’ve been doing random delivery missions for the CoR faction and selling the exploration data from my Rat Rescue Runs and have already ended up allied with the group.

    Thank you for your consideration and hope to hear from you!


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    Greetings CMDR,

    Thankyou for your application details, The Children Of Raxxla would like to welcome you into the Cadet Ranks.
    Shortly you will receive an invitation to our Discord server. Please Introduce yourself in the #Visitor-Lobby

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