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    30 APR 3303 -- Shell-Shocked


    “Ow! Dammit,” Nudo cursed as she rubbed her forehead. She looked around while doing so, trying to understand how she managed to walk into something. What was this? A door? Why didn't it automatically open like the others? Finally Nudo's eyes focused on the big red circle with a white dash through the middle of it, which was perfectly at eye level. Of course, it was the exit door instead of entrance. Nudo sheepishly turned around and looked at the passerby; no one was paying attention, which weirdly served to lower her mood even farther. What is going on? Where were her thoughts? Heck, where was she actually?

    Nudo stepped away from the door and shook her head to try to clear the cobwebs. After a couple of hard eye blinks, she looked up at the corner where the wall meets the ceiling, down to the tiles on the floor, and all around at the people walking by to get her bearings. Finally the familiarity of the environment registered, and Nudo realized that she was in Attilius Orbital, her home.

    But she didn't make it home; I was not there for her.

    That thought sucker-punched Nudo in the stomach, which caused her breath to got caught in her lungs. Salomé. Did that really only happen yesterday? The Lei Zi Louts, Nudo's wing with Tal Aldris, Balshatzar, and the Boogyman, had been one of three so-called 'Reaper' wings, specifically the Children of Raxxla's contribution to that fighting force, with the mission to clear out the path ahead of Salomé and her protectors. Nudo had turned A Whale Of A Good Time into a combat Orca, renamed it the p0rca because of an inside joke, and took to the stars to protect the truth. Just as her adrenaline peaked after her successful destruction of a Cobra Mk III flown by CMDR Julian McCoy, the heartbreaking truth came across Nudo's comms: Salomé had died. Silence filled the void as disbelief settled in Nudo's mind. So close to the the end, yet defeat still prevailed. Yes, the battle had been won with the safe arrival of Yuri Nakamura, Tsu Annabelle Singh, and Raan Corsen, but Nudo's personal mission had not. Pushing aside the emotions, Nudo went to finish the route to Tionisla and then scan the listening posts in Teorge; although for the life of her, Nudo couldn't remember what the posts had said.

    How she came to be home, Nudo couldn't remember. What words she shared with her wing and fellow teammates, Nudo couldn't remember. Why she was walking into the wrong side of the market doors, Nudo couldn't remember. All she could remember was Salomé's “Remember....”

    I will Remember, Salomé! I'm sorry I hadn't been able to save you, but I will continue to search for the truth, as will all who were with you on your final journey. Rest in peace and know your legacy lives on.
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