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    New Applicant: Dell Tarrant

    Your CMDR name: Dell Tarrant

    Your Frontier Forum user name: Dell Tarrant

    A short statement about your motivation: I have watched events unfolding for quite a while now, whilst undertaking several deep space expeditions to probe the hidden mysteries awaiting us out there. I enjoy a good story too, and the one that is gradually revealing itself to those who search is proving to be most interesting. I don't pretend to know everything about what is going on within the Empire, Federation, Galcorp and the Alliance but I think that its likely that some of the player groups are going to be on the forefront of the events to that I want to have a front row seat at.

    Any other allegiance we have to know about: I am Deputy Commander of Deep Recon X

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    Welcome to The Children Of a Raxxla

    Your forum status has been changed to Cadet, please join us on Discord and make an introduction in the #visitors-lobby where we will assign you the role of Xbox Cadet o7

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