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    New Applicant (again...) - Logen Ninefingers

    Existing new member here who joined just before you guys did the forum/website switch -hear I'm on the CoR members data list but told I need to apply again...

    1. Logen Ninefingers
    2. No forum id
    3. I have been with Elite since the days of the original in '85 and with over 1600 hrs flight time under my belt (now in VR) I've growing more and more tired of the endless grind and I have been looking for opportunities to take part in the Elite Universe as I've always envisioned it - a living, breathing, dynamic galaxy with it's own feel, background and lore. I came across the Children of Raxxla like many others, by becoming immersed in the onging story and mysteries of the Elite Universe and hope to be accepted (again) to the Children of Raxxla so I can contribute to those evolving stories and to the uncovering of it's lore and deepest mysteries
    4. Past member of independent group The Wolves of Jonai - no longer active.

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    As you were already accepted as a member previously from the old website, you only needed to create a new account on this forum.
    Your not required to re-apply again that's why I removed your first post as I had already changed your status to CoR Cadet.

    But not to worry, welcome to the new forum

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