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    Commander Profiles

    If you would like to share your commander profile, please do so in this thread.

    Along with your profile, please also state which faction or group you are part of (or state whether you're independent).

    Be as brief or as in-depth as you like!

    Links to Current Profiles
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    Aaron "Chief" Kobilke
    Aleister Fox
    Andrew Gaspurr
    Argaric Independent
    Ar’Vessah Colonia Militia Forces
    Asamith Independent
    Augustus Caelinus
    AzraelDirge Exodus Coalition
    Baroness Galaxy
    Bungalo PAC Admiral
    Cade Connelly
    Christopher Raktavian
    ChrisWoo EG Pilots
    Deema Karam
    Duke “Swanky Criminal” Dillinger
    Dutch Foster PAC Admiral
    EMF DeathPenguin Independent
    Erimus Kamzel
    Isaiah Alton Evanson Loren's Legion
    Jackson Bennett Cosby
    Jango SkyKiller "Toxic" Contagion Confederation WC
    Josiah Darco
    Lyrae Cursorius
    Hayate Yagami
    Jackie Silver
    Jubei Himura PAC Admiral
    Kai Calimatinus
    Kayn Wynhramn
    Kristalan Orimkell
    “MiL1TiA SiX” Ballard Independent
    Milo Beaublanc
    Mir Fnar
    Mobius the Crow
    Paroxsym PAC Admiral
    PurpleMarauder Independent
    Ready Eagle
    Reaver One
    Red Independent
    Saool Aledon Independent
    Stormy Stephen EXO
    Tal Aldris
    Talena Kai
    Ulysses Wolf
    Vela Delarue
    Yuri Nakamura
    Zenith Ddraiglas
    Zulu Romeo

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    Name : Erimus Kamzel

    CoR Status : Inactive

    Background :

    Erimus Kamzel was born in 3268 at Haberlandt Survey on Europa, Sol System. Little is known about his childhood years.

    On graduation from the Pilots Federation, his working life began as a frontier prospector for Transorbital Dynamics. In November 3300 Erimus' long awaited request to be transferred to the company deep space exploration division was granted and he was issued with a Long Range Cobra Mk III - the Shackleton Explorer - and tasked to embark on the New Horizons Expedition - a mission to 'gamma test' the new Frame Shift Drive tech by traveling across the Vela Molecular Ridge and scouting a route out to the Eta Carina Nebula. His 29,000 LY manually plotted round trip was a success, and upon his return to Aulin Enterprise he was assigned an Asp Explorer - the DSS Beagle - and asked to embark on a new mission; code-named 'Distant Suns'.

    This journey took Erimus Kamzel across the entire galaxy. He successfully located a route through the then unknown far rim Abyss, and thus made the GalNet news in February 3301 by becoming the first pilot to reach the far side of the galaxy - reaching a system that subsequently became known as Beagle Point in recognition of his starship.

    Shortly after his return, he donated his star charts and ship logs to the freelance exploration community and initiated the Galactic Mapping Project. His knowledge of the distant galaxy brought him to the attention of the Children of Raxxla during its foundation. CoR recruited him into their ranks. As a founder member he began as the groups' cartographer and was tasked to estimate the location of the Formidine Rift and chart it during the Daedalus mission (originally a journey to Hyponia that was rerouted and became an early Rift scouting trip - a trip that took Erimus and his wingman beyond the Heart & Soul nebulae and out to the Bovomit Badlands of the galactic rim).

    Approximately one year after the galactic crossing, Erimus Kamzel, along with fellow deep space explorer Dr. James Kaii, lead a 1,300 starship fleet across the galaxy. The Distant Worlds Expedition was a 3 month exodus that became the largest fleet event in history, with Salomé herself taking part. It was at Beagle Point during the Sanctuary Hill meeting with Salomé that his deeper interests in the mysteries were reawakened.

    On return to civilized space, Erimus discovered CoR had become a shadow of its former self. Being one of the only founders left, he brought five new Consul members on board - veterans from the Distant Worlds expedition, and together they helped reinvigorate the Children of Raxxla.

    In August 3302, Erimus, with the help of CoR CMDR Souvarine, founded the Colonia Militia and Colonial Marines and helped set up the Colonia Citizens Network project - an attempt to create a community free of power bloc influence. An explorers nation, defended by its own militia forces, 22,000 LYs beyond federal and imperial jurisdiction and based around Jaques starport who misjumped en-route to Beagle Point. With the strong allies and contacts he built up out there - being part of militia command and a Colonial Marine, Erimus saw Colonia as a potential protectorate and welcome bolthole for the Children of Raxxla should they ever be exiled from the core worlds.

    Premonition Era :

    Erimus had no love for the major powers and deeply distrusted all their leaders. He remained wary of Salomé too due to her privileged imperial background and elusive nature, but he had no qualms about rallying support for an attack on the INV Imperial Freedom Capital Ship at the Battle of Eotienses in an attempt to free her, despite the friction the decision caused within CoR ranks.

    During the Dynasty Bases CG against the Federation, and despite his reservations toward her, Erimus again rallied support on Salomé's behalf by calling a meeting with representatives of CoRs closest allies and persuaded them to help aid in the search of the Formidine Rift, Sagittarri Conflux, and Hawkin's Gap - regions that Salomé had claimed to be of importance and linked to the happenings in the Pleiades.

    Erimus realized that Salomé may be our best hope at unraveling some of the galaxies deepest secrets and uncovering the hidden truths that may be crucial to humanities survival. He was intrigued by the enigmatic nature of Salomé, but he remained guarded against her motivations.

    The loss of several CoR pilots during the battle of Eotienses played heavily on his mind. He hoped that Salomé's vindication and the subsequent value of the information she held would also vindicate his own conscience in regards to the loss of fellow pilots during that attempt to free her, and that their lives were not lost in vain.

    In Salomé's absence, Erimus Kamzel was seen as a figurehead for CoR, but he was always a reluctant leader - preferring to stay in the background and holding an advisory role to the Consul unless extreme circumstances dictated otherwise. He felt his destiny belonged out in the depths, far from politics and petty squabbles, but for this period in history his loyalty remained firmly with the pilots who looked to CoR for answers to some of the deepest and most guarded mysteries.

    Post Premonition Era :

    In the aftermath of April 29th 3303, and the successful revelation of the Teorge Logs, Erimus finally felt fully vindicated for helping CoR and Salomé uncover a major conspiracy by the superpowers - a conspiracy that tried desperately to withhold information that could prove vital to humanities survival.

    The fall-out reaction to Salomé's death during her race to reveal the truth on that fateful day has since left Erimus with mixed feelings. For one brief moment, 3,000 commanders came together as one united force and helped deliver Salomé's message. 3,000 heroes, out of millions who could care less.. people who watched events unfold with indifference, then went back to their petty squabbles and never ending quest of grinding ever more credits. In the aftermath he has often asked himself; "Was it worth it?", "Was humanity even worthy of Salomé's revelations and the allied sacrifices made to warn them of what's coming?".

    Shortly after Salomé's memorial service on May 7th 3303, in low orbit above Chione, Erimus Kamzel distributed Salomé's "Veils" to fellow CoR pilots, resigned from the Consul, and headed out into the black aboard the DSS Resolution.

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    Name : Karnath

    CoR Status : Custodian & Forum / Website Development

    Main Roles : Tech / Aid & Encourage fellow CoR Cadets / Cmdr's to become more involved within the CoR network


    Karnath Born 3259 became a mysterious figure towards his later years, always cloaked to shield his identity and very much the lone wolf. Promoted to the Elite combat ranks in early 3302, Karnath still has troubled thoughts of how he reached this status. The majority of his work was done within Empire space earning legitimately with good old fashioned bounty hunting, scanning each ship hoping for that one big payout which would pay for the latest tech upgrade to be installed onto his ship.

    He felt the style and flare of the Imperial ships suited his requirements more so than their Federation rivals and would stop at nothing till he obtained his first Imperial Clipper. This was the the ship he thought would take him to the infamous rank of Combat Elite. The Wraith was true to it's specification's fast, agile, strong and with remarkable weaponry and soon became Karnath's perfect killing machine.

    These were the times that troubled Karnath the most, he literally became a gun for hire progressing through the ranks faster and more efficiently fighting wars in combat zones or comprised navigation beacons not really interested in the political side of who or what he was fighting for, targeting only Deadly to Elite Combat pilots to maximise his own progression.

    It became dogfight after dogfight, Tearing ligaments in his right tricep from excessive tension while gripping the flight stick in the heat of combat always pushing for that one extra kill.

    They were dark days...........

    Later that year

    Sat in a bar at Jameson Memorial in the Shinrarta Dezhra system celebrating his promotion to the Elite ranks, consuming far to much Lavian Brandy he thought it would be a good idea to purchase an Asp Explorer and just dissapear into the black.

    Clearly this was a radical move for a man with absolutely no experience in exploration, let alone leaving the bubble.

    The company who sold him the Asp clearly had no morals, parting a drunken man of multi-million credits in order to pay for the ship and lavish upgrades. Never the less Karnath's demands were met, he left The Wraith in storage and boarded his Asp with much caution.

    This was a man that had been used to the luxurious style of Imperial ships, the beautiful white interiors with neon mood lighting, complex instruments. Arriving at the cockpit to what can only be described as plain, basic and freaking ugly, the control panel looked like it was designed at the last minute and just thrown in. The view was good from the canopy as the ship left the storage facility arriving at dock 11.

    Deep breath, Karnath powers up the engines and like some flight school rookie launches from the pad. Landing gear up and heading for the exit, it was an incredibly different feeling piloting the asp the engines felt gutless and nothing compared to the screams his Imperial Clipper would make as he launched full throttle from a station. Never the less even with all this uncertainty he felt this is something he should experience at least once. Glancing through the star charts looking for an interesting destination ............. NGC 7822 Nebula looked fascinating.

    The first 20 jumps or so nothing exciting to report then..........

    What an incredible sight he was witnessing, never could he imagine what he had been missing all these years. "This is what exploring is all about" he thought to himself. Gone had the feeling of monotonous jumping/scooping.

    Days past...... His destination now on the horizon, and what a site it was, stunning blue glowing orbs in the distance surrounded by a red haze.

    To be continued.....................

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    Name: King Aleithian Emell

    CoR Status: Unknown

    Main Roles: Scribe and Chronicler, Former Member of the Directorate


    Aleithian Emell was born in October 3270 on Cupis 7 in the Cupis system. He has no siblings and the only family that he knows were killed in 3301.

    Like him, his grandfather Kellen Emell had been born in the Federation, on Mars in 3181. Kellen left Mars in a dilapidated Eagle Mk. II in the pursuit of wealth and discovery. Quickly dissatisfied with the regulations and controls of the Federation, he departed for Imperial space in 3201 and there made his fortune. To his joy, Kellen also discovered true love, marrying the daughter of a minor Imperial lord in 3221, the pair settling in the Paras system the following year. Following two miscarriages, the young woman finally gave birth to Aleithian’s father Reva in 3229.

    Reva was raised in Paras and the surrounding systems. As the bearer of a title, he entered Imperial service upon his 18th birthday to honor his family and posterity, rising to the status of Knight and serving with honor in several famed engagements. Reva married a woman of no-small status in Paras and established himself in his fiefdom in 3258. In 3261, his father Kellen died. Convulsions among the liege lords in and around Paras brought strife and conflict, forcing the remaining Emells to depart in 3263, their titles and lands seized by powerful usurpers.

    In Cupis, Aleithian and his family lived a modest life. His father Reva took up his own father’s former profession as a trader and established a small wholesale concern in the surrounding systems. Aleithian was raised carefully and deliberately by his parents, and gifted with great freedom to pursue his fledgling interests as he saw fit, a legacy which has left him with a robust sense of identity, clarity of vision, and a strong character. After completing his education, Aleithian entered his father’s business and accumulated a comfortable if small fortune, and lived an uneventful and mundane life.

    This changed in 3301 during a trade run to Alliance space. Pulled out of supercruise by an Alliance Enforcer, Aleithian came under sustained assault, the cause for which he has never been able to determine. Bi-linked beam lasers fractured the shields of his Hauler and tore through the weak skin of the vessel. Cargo blasted into space as the rear compartments decompressed. Aleithian swung the vessel around to evade the beams and, diverting all auxiliary power to the engines, boosted the ship through the debris field of metal and cargo. The pursuer’s tracking system obscured by the detritus, Aleithian gained crucial seconds to set up an FSD jump and, with a flash of light, leapt out of the system.

    In the aftermath of the attack, Aleithian fled to the nearest non-Alliance system and found himself within the Empire. Still wracked by uncertainty and paranoia following the Emperor’s assassination, and with swathes of territory facing the insurgency of the Emperor’s Dawn, Imperial officers reluctantly allowed him to dock, swayed only by his emergency circumstances. During the following weeks, Aleithian remained in-dock, contemplating the attack and his future in the darkness of a small, low-cost room. After a time, he contacted his father’s business to request a transfer of funds for the purchase of transportation home. Instead of succor, he discovered that during his absence both his parents had been killed in an apparent assassination. The assailant and cause were unknown. The company had presumed him dead as well following his failure to report on schedule.

    Aleithian liquidated his father’s company and with a portion of the assets purchased a Cobra. He determined that his path would be one quite different than that he had trod only a month before. Following the banner of his grandfather, Aleithian left dock and plotted a course for Paras.

    In Paras, Aleithian discovered a landscape quite different than that his father had narrated to him. The lords who had revolted against the local Clients had been overthrown some years previously. A mix of old and new families had assumed control of the region, with one in particular rising swiftly to local influence and even dominance. Prince Elenar and his Achenar Immortals, a troupe of pilots and lords sworn to the cause of the Duval family, engaged in war with the Emperor’s Dawn and committed to the defense of the new Emperor Arissa, now ruled in Paras. Aleithian docked his Cobra at Wilson Orbital and sought out the Prince. Explaining his case and heredity, Aleithian bowed the knee and assumed his family’s title and estate from the Prince. He rose a Knight dedicated to the freedoms of the Empire and to the name of Lavigny-Duval.

    Throughout the remainder of 3301 and into 3302, Aleithian served his Prince and Emperor well. He flew against the Emperor’s Dawn. He participated in the expansion of Prince Elenar’s domain to Liu Di, Kartamayana, and a host of other systems. As the Prince’s domain expanded, so too did the wealth he meted out to the faithful. Aleithian’s endeavors and successes saw him quickly attain the title of Baron and the personal fortune to match. This he invested, following his father’s wisdom, in various economic concerns throughout the Empire, which in short order (though with no small aid from the expansion of Elenar's dominion) made him one of the richest lords in that region of space.

    While visiting one of his trading subsidiaries in Marrallang in February 3302, Aleithian became aware of a pending trial: the defendant, one Talena Kai (see here), was accused of assaulting her liege lord, Count Delaine. This man was known to Aleithian as a fool and a serial political hack. Intervening, Aleithian impressed upon the Count the wisdom of allowing him to deal with Kai’s transgression, the name of Prince Elenar facilitating their eventual agreement. Aleithian recruited Kai, who now serves as his first officer.

    Returning to Paras with Kai, Aleithian was contacted by members of the Imperial intelligence service and persuaded to join a covert operation in Tun, a system within Federation space. Tensions were rising between the Empire and Federation, and a build-up of Federal forces had been detected in and around Tun. Posing as a Federation Rear Admiral, Aleithian stole aboard the FNS Olympia, a dry-docked Corvette-class vessel. With the aid of carefully positioned Imperial agents throughout the Federal support fleet, who sabotaged monitoring equipment and reactors, Aleithian and Lieutenant Commander Kai pulled the Olympia out of dry-dock and within a few jumps arrived in Imperial space, where the INV Achenar Rising currently remains docked.

    In May 3302, war came to Paras. The Immortals’ growth and expansion of influence drove lesser factions in the region to form a loose confederacy of forces. Bypassing the regions of thinnest control, the confederacy jumped straight to Paras and struck a sudden blow to the core planets and stations. Wilson Orbital was besieged, Immortals forces were scattered, and civilian vessels were seized or destroyed. The conflict aimed at nothing less than the eradication of Prince Elenar’s influence in the region. What Immortals forces survived the strike gathered in orbit around Paras 5.

    Out of system at the time, Aleithian rendezvoused with Immortals forces in Liu Di. Reinforced by ships from neighboring systems and supporters of Elenar’s cause, the Immortals divided their forces into two strike teams: the first jumped to the confederacy’s home system and undertook open bombardment of all their installations, while the second traveled to Paras to force the blockade around the system’s jump point, connect with the remaining Immortals' forces in-system, and reclaim Paras.

    Following several weeks of intense combat, the confederacy’s hold was broken and their home system left a burning ruin. Paras fared little better – millions were dead and all inner-system ports required extensive reconstruction. For Aleithian, the war left him broken. The scale of death was itself sufficient to shake the strongest man. But for Aleithian, it was the fracturing of the Immortals and the betrayal of many of its members that scarred him most deeply. Details are scarce: the surviving Immortals do not speak of what occurred and Aleithian has confided thus far in only one other personal, his beloved consort Anri.

    Though Paras burned, the spoils of war were many and great. And Elenar freely divided them among his loyal followers. Aleithian was granted a Dukedom and, through connections among the fellow-lords who had aided Elenar and the Immortals, he took his fiefdom in the Shambhala system. There, on a vast tract of coastal land surrounding the Photian Bay, Aleithian established himself and his retainers. And there in his white tower he remained in seclusion, brooding over the current state of the Empire, of humanity, and of his life.

    In June 3302, Aleithian sat reflecting atop his tower still, the weight of his contemplations burdening his mind. Recalling his past and present, he resolved to alter the course of his life once more. Outfitting a small crew and an Asp, Aleithian departed Imperial space for the Formidine Rift. Rumors of its mysteries and of shadowy groups exploring its mists had reached him. He decided to examine the distant shores for himself, unsure what he would discover, but in hope that he would recollect a portion of his former spirit.

    En route to the Rift, Aleithian’s ship was intercepted by an unknown phenomenon which shredded the Asp’s engines and cast the vessel planetward. For three weeks Aleithian and what remained of his crew survived in the interior of the Asp. Though resolved to die, the crew’s emergency beacon was detected by a small fleet of vessels traveling through that portion of space. Leading the fleet was an enigmatic man by the name of Cepheus. In conversation with Aleithian, Cepheus detected a character unlike most he encountered in his travels. He extended an offer of safety. Accepting Cepheus’ offer, Aleithian found himself transported to a remote and unremarkable system on the border of Alliance space.

    There, Aleithian was shown a vision of human possibility which he had sought, and endeavored himself to build, but which he now found was shared by others who had established its outlines in the shadows. They called themselves the Children. They owed allegiance to the ideals of an Imperial Senator who, like Aleithian, had been burned in the fires of trial and emerged a changed person. The Children disclosed their ideals and extended an offer of participation in the creation of a new future. Aleithian accepted.

    Present Day:

    Aleithian is currently engaged in various operations at the behest of the Children. Since joining their ranks, he has been accompanied by a woman of their number, a Warden, the piercingly intelligent Gal. Under her watch, Aleithian traveled in secret to the distant fledgling settlement of Colonia to participate in the subterranean development of facilities for the solidification of the Children’s presence in that region. Upon his return, Aleithian participated in the Children’s search of the Formidine Rift, which would become the final request made of the Children by their prophet, Salomé. Upon hearing of Salomé’s seizure by Admiral Patreus, Aleithian left the Rift to leverage his contacts in the Empire in the search for Salomé. He was absent from the Children’s assault on the Admiral’s fleet due to his participation in a covert mission.

    In the wake of Salomé’s apparent death, Aleithian has become a noted if reclusive voice among the Children. Now a member of the shadowy Directive, he authored the Preamble to the Children’s Statement of Principles and serves as adviser to the Consuls and other members on matters of philosophy and collective purpose.

    Being descended from a family of no settled origin, Aleithian has never enjoyed the comfort of a traditional home. Rather, his home is where he makes it - in this deepest sense, he is a man who has had to create for himself a history and story. While some close to him think that this has rendered him detached, he holds that this has given him a sensitivity to the values and stories that accentuate and enliven life. Others consistently have difficulty pinning Aleithian's character down: he crosses categories and rarely satisfies the assumptions people have about him. He needs little in life, and much of his achievement has come not so much from any conscious will on his part as much as from drifting through the motions of necessity and ending in a position of great wealth and power. He is, at his core, a dreamer and a teller.

    In late April 3303, Aleithian, now elevated to King of Shambhala by Emperor Arissa, disappeared. All contact with him was lost both by the Children and his Imperial contacts. His closest confidants - who some suspect remain in contact with him - claim ignorance of his location or the reason for his disappearance. In April 3303, ships from King Aleithian's fleet took part in both the defense and scout fleets seeking to protect Yuri Nakamura and Salomé, being commanded by Kai and Gal. Aleithian was not present.
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    These are the stories of searchers and dreamers, makers and tellers...

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    Stannis Jellicoe was born in North West England on mankinds ancient home world of earth in 3266, he has one younger brother (Oren). His family were comfortably off and Stannis was educated at Manchester Grammar School before going up to Oxford where he was captain of the Cricket XI and also won blue's for boxing and fencing. After graduating he attended the Federal Naval Accademy in Eta Cassiopeia where despite excelling as a pilot he was dismissed for repeated insubordination and violent conduct.

    After his dismissal from the navy Stannis enrolled on the Pilots Federation training program and passed out after accelerated training. He received his Sidewinder and made use of his and his family's connections to gain a head start as an independent pilot establishing a successful haulage business based in Epsilon Serpents but stretching as far as Alioth where he had a loose romantic involvement with Kira Gómez, an executive with the Alioth Independents who (unbeknown to Jellicoe at the time), shortly after they parted company, bore him a son. This changed when his Type 9 freighter was ambushed by pirates and his engineer was murdered by the Hand Gang as he bailed out of the stricken ship.

    Following the death of his friend Stannis turned his thoughts to revenge and over the next four years waged a one man wat on the Hand Gang in a heavily customised Fer de Lance. Since that time Jellicoe has led a much more itinerant life travelling around the bubble as a bounty hunter and Federal mercenary, he is officially an officer of the Federal Navy s auxiliary. It was around this time that he was recruited into the Children of Raxxla, initially to help control the pirate problem in their headquarters system. Jellicoe is not an explorer but has played a big part in many of CoR's military operations, in particular those in Cemiess and Prism as well as the attack on Admiral Patreus' flagship the INV Imperial Freedom.


    Jellicoe projects an image of suave, gentlemanly calm with an apparent devil may care attitude and ability to crack jokes in the face of danger. He has a liking for the finer things in life, enjoying the best restaurants, gentlemen clubs and the company of the rich and powerful. When met in person he appears good natured and warm hearted with impeccable manners and a ready wit but this hides an emotional coldness that few outside his very closest friends have any notion exists. While Jellicoe works hard at creating the image of the jovial, stiff upper lipped officer and gentleman beneath the surface lurks a dark and visceral savagery that comes to the fore in dangerous or life threatening face to face encounters. He has a preference for action over talk which has occasionally led him to hasty, even rash decisions.

    While Jellicoe tries to be a force for good in the galaxy he is not above using others for his own purposes, especially if it is a stranger to him and has long since divorced sex from any emotional attachment. He is generally loyal to the Federation and while he does still believe it to be the by far the best of the three superpowers he is becoming increasingly aware of its flaws.

    Jellicoe is fiercely loyal to his crew and will change into the gates of hell itself for any of them, he is very fond of Kira Gómez though this had never quite extended to genuine love, his recently discovered son he adores and would take any risk and suffer any consequences to protect him.

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    CMDR William Eisen

    William Eisen is a mid-aged retired Federation Rear Admiral. He was born in 3254 and raised in the Cosi-System where he was issued his first ship at Solovyov Orbital. After several years of freelance work in the systems around Cosi, most notably Flech, STKM 1-578, Amait and Kamchata he had gained some reputation with the Federation.

    He was accepted into the federal auxiliary fleet where he worked on his career for many years. He is a veteran of many battles. The turning point was Lugh. Disgusted by the orders of Federal President Halsey he quit service and bought his first exploration vehicle, his sturdy Asp Explorer "Cormoran" and headed out into the void. This ship took him all the way to Sagittarius A and into the vast neutron fields below the Core. In a bad mishap his ship suffered a nearly total breakup of the canopy, almost 30.000 lightyears from the nearest repair facility.

    Scared to death he turned around and limped back to inhabited space which he reached after the most frightening week of his life in late August 3301. Turning all his data in at McKenzie Relay in Cemiess during a Community Goal he earned enough money to finally outfit his ship decently for deep space exploration. It was around that time that he heared rumours of a shadowy organization which called itself "The Children of Raxxla". Lead by Salomé, a mysterious imperial senator who had put her past behind herself, and located on the fringes of inhabited space they seemed to have the same feelings about the major powers as Eisen.

    After intense scrutiny he was accepted as a member of the CoR and immediately headed out to the Formidine Rift and beyond, an area of space which at that time was only sparsely traveled let alone explored. Unengineered jumpranges made it quite hard to cross the Rift but he made it beyond, discovering two "bridges" that could be used. In the new outer arm he ventured as far as the mysterious Bovomit Permit Region and then turned back towards the galaxies core. In the area that we now call "The Conflux" he spent a lot of time scanning star-systems discovering lots of earth-like-worlds and neutron-stars.

    After his return to inhabited space he was awarded the Rank of "Elite" in exploration. By then he heared about a great expedition to the other side of the galaxy, organized by CMDR Erimus, fellow CoR leader and sort of an idol, and CMDR Dr. Kaii. Being one of the first to join (roster #9) he immediately started preparing for that great adventure.

    During the Distant Worlds Expedition he became a co-founder of the Rock-Rats Prospection-Corps, a bunch of guys who were crazy enough to prospect whole worlds for the materials they provided. Paving a "jumponium-highway" across the galaxy all the way to Beagle Point. Their work surely won't be forgotten, even if improvements in the Detailed Surface Scanners have made surface prospection obsolete since then.

    The culminating point of the Expedition was a secret CoR meeting with CMDR Salomé above Sanctuary Hill at Beagle Point, that Eisen attended. Due to mysterious reasons his ship was nearly destroyed during the meetup because of overheating. He barely made it out and had to spend several days to gather enough materials for his AFMUs to repair his ship.

    Following Salomés order he returned to inhabited space during the next three weeks. He was nominated by CMDR Erimus shortly after his return to HR 6421 as a Consul of the newly formed CoR-leadership and has held the post of "Head of Exploration" since then. He was heavily involved in the planning and execution of the CoR Rift-Border-Patrols in April 3302 and the EAFOTS Expedition in August 3302. Other notable directives that he helped lead was the Cemiess action, the support mission to Prism, the attack on Patreus Flagship, the exploration-CG and finally the search for the lost Dynasty bases in EAFOTS, the Conflux and the Hawkings Gap.

    The Children of Raxxla and HR 6421 have become his new home and he is determined to help reveal what the major powers are hiding in the rift and elsewhere.

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    Very little is known about CMDR Vacendak's past beyond the fact that he was discovered by an independent salvager in floating in a debris field in an escape/cryopod of unknown origin in an unexplored system during the 2nd search for the Antares. Since the pod and the surrounding wreckage didn't look like anything he'd seen before the salvager scooped up the pod and as much shiny as he could hold and burned hard for Procyon to claim his reward.

    Once he reached Davy Dock the salvager proudly reported his findings. Sirius officials were unable to identify the salvaged items but were sure they weren't from the Antares. The salvager was placed under station arrest and his ship was ground-locked pending investigation of intent to defraud the Sirius Corporation. A team of researchers from Qwent Research Base were flown in to examine the wreckage and immediately afterwards the salvager and his ship disappeared only to be found again 3 weeks later destroyed in an anarchy system, a victim of an apparent pirate raid.

    Qwent scientists determined this was salvage of ancient earth technology and CMDR Vacendak was in fact a cybernetic Operative of an old Earth government. These "Operatives" were created to win a planet-wide war by whatever means necessary. During R&D it was determined that in order to produce effective Operatives that could adapt their methods on the fly to any change in mission parameters their personalities and psyches needed to remain intact. Their bodies were mission specifically engineered but their minds were completely intact aside from implants for tradecraft and for fusion with their new bodies. After the war was over the Operatives became a liability. Their existence was a secret at a level beyond Top Secret. However the dirtiest secret was that it was the Operatives doing the things that nobody else could or would that brought the other side to its knees thus ending the war. The new Earth Government was still init infancy and the peace was fragile. If this secret was ever revealed it would destroy society and perhaps the human race on Earth. So the decision was quietly made to terminate the program and destroy all evidence and data. When the purge began the Operatives that survived the first wave all went dark and time went on. They became a myth, a source of stories and conspiracy theories, legends but like all secrets somebody knows the truth.

    Qwent pieced parts of the history of the program together from what little data remained and the few dead operatives with strange tech that had been found. Vacendak was different. Not only was he still alive but his tech was strikingly more advanced then these previous examples and more advanced than current experimental military cyber tech. Then there was the ship he was found in. There was no plausible explanation how this ship was able to make it out this far on its own. Even more intriguing was that this ship was built 300 years after Vacendak and the remaining operatives all disappeared and it was built on Mars.

    Vacendak was revived a few days after a small heavily armed fleet delivered his pod to Oersted Station, a military outpost in the Clionenses System temporarily converted into a top secret research station. He was determined to be completely intact even after so long in cryo. Then the interrogations came. Questions about his past, his updated tech, how he got out here, what was he doing on Mars… and particularly what happened after her left Mars. He could recall all of his personal history as well as all of his combat and agent tradecraft skills. He could recall everything until just before he left Mars but he'd been programmed for this and wasn't giving them anything.

    Then they made the mistake of of trying to hack his cranial implant. Vacendak drew weapons from within his body that were never detected in any of the scans and began systematically slaughtering his way to the docking bay until he found a command terminal. He linked his implant and with a quick flick of his brain he disabled the defensive grid and the station environmental systems. Another flick opened every airlock on the outpost and another to wipe all data from all connected terminals and devices. With everyone on the station now either full of holes or choking on space he made his way to the hanger bay and disappeared in a modded unregistered Sidewinder.

    Present Day:
    Vacendak makes his way from system to system doing whatever he feels like doing at the time. He doesn't take orders, prey upon the innocent, or fight for causes he doesn't believe in. He's amassed considerable wealth and has owned a number of ships. He prefers the Python and the Cobra MkIII but can also be found exploring in an AspX as well. He steers clear of any government involvement though does have both Federal and Imperial Naval rank for the sole purpose of obtaining ships and making it easier to move freely.

    He's cautious of Salomé and her motives due to her Imperial government upbringing, erratic personality shifts, and haughty spoiled attitude. However, he's committed to uncovering the truth and seeing those that attempt to suppress or twist it to suit their needs burn. He identifies with the CoR Mission & Core Principles so he's giving Salomé the benefit of the doubt for now. He's not an overly social CMDR so you won't see him at large gatherings of CMDRs or at CGs unless he supports the cause. Rest assured though, when the word is given he'll be there.[/SIZE]
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    Name: Hunter "Casooch" Casucci
    Status: Active, Last Seen in Prism System
    Profession: Mercenary, Explorer, Known Smuggler
    Age: 25

    Originally Hailing from the LHS 3447, upon turning 18 and receiving his Pilot's Federation License at the age of 18, Hunter Casucci disappeared from his home system. Appearing in early 3302 several years later in the Yan Musu system, using the call-sign "Casooch." While seemingly preferring to work as a mercenary, Hunter has also been known to smuggle goods across large portions of inhabited space, and spends significant time outside of the inhabited 'Bubble.' Hunter joined the Children of Raxxla after his first major exploration trip, at the urging of his friend CMDR Argent Steel. Since joining he has spent his time inside the bubble in independent space, suspicious of the federation and the empire.

    Personality: Determined, Intelligent, Loyal and Distrustful of authority. Hunter usually keeps a low profile inside the inhabited bubble, usually preferring a 'wait-and-see' approach. During combat he is relentless and will push the advantage wherever possible. During combat and most other flight operations he has a reputation as an efficient and serious pilot, focused on getting the task at hand completed quickly and with minimal fanfare. Despite the serious streak, he is talkative on comms, and known for drinking while flying long-distances.

    "I normally don't like doing these sorts of things. It is too easy to misrepresent yourself, or for others to get the wrong idea about who you are. At the end of the day though, I think everyone here shares a few things though that we can all count on. And those are A love of Exploration, and a desire to find the answers and truth to all of the mysteries and rumours that you hear in the station bars." - Hunter
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    Name : Tal Aldris
    CoR Status : Intel
    Main Roles : Intelligence gathering, assisting new members acclimatize to CoR, assisting existing members

    Background :
    Tal Aldris is of human descent, born in the year 3101 and raised on the agricultural planet of Bemaera. His parents were both farmers and Tal was the only child. Not wanting to be trapped in the family farm lifestyle, he enlisted to the Galactic Navy based at the nearby world of Isinor at the age of 18, where he served at Navy command station 3 for five years, reaching the rank of Lieutenant before his voluntary discharge at 23 years of age.
    Little else is known of Cmdr Aldris after this time, his history from Galcop has been wiped from the archives, he was last reported missing on the frontier in his Cobra MkIII in the year 3133.

    He was in fact an incredible survival story. His Cobra class vessel was found damaged beyond repair in a glacier on the ice planet of Paeste B9 in December of 3301 but his body was perfectly preserved. The construction of Mattingly Horizons had led to his discovery where he was taken to a nearby secret medical facility and revived back to near perfect health except for amnesia.

    Detained against his will for study, he escaped the facility and fled in a stolen sidewinder. He operated under an alias, IAM GROOT, for his safety, for the next year and a half before resuming his identity of Tal Aldris in 3202.

    A keen explorer, Tal developed an obsession with the Formidine Rift, heading out there on 3 separate occasions from August to October of 3301. It is said he knew Rebecca Tyley before she became Rebecca Weston after the Quirium Cascade mine incident.

    Tal's obsession with the rift is what led him to discover the adventures of Salomé and her pursuit of the rift's secrets following her meeting with Rebecca Weston. It was the prospect of aiding Salomé which inspired him to join the Children Of Raxxla just a few weeks after their formation by noted explorers, Erimus Kamzel, Lestenio and Accaelus Thorn.

    He was chosen and selected to the first Rift patrol in May 3302 where he operated in deep space on a four week patrol with Cmdrs Mir Fnar, Boogyman and Balshatzar.

    His insightful work and long service to CoR saw him selected to Intel in October of 3302 where he works tirelessly alongside others to help solve mysteries and steer the new cadets joining CoR.

    Present Day
    Tal flies routinely in a CoR wing named the Lei Zi Louts, made up of Cmdrs Boogyman, Balshatzar and Magnudius.
    These are his closest allies and the nearest thing he has to family in the galaxy. He is fiercely loyal, noble and willing to do whatever it takes for the right cause. Never one to shy away from confrontation he can upset other members with his direct talking occasionally but he is CoR through and through.
    Despite his loyalty to Salomé he has no love for the Empire or any of the other powers, an orphan to the galaxy as his home world was destroyed whilst he was frozen, his home is considered to be his heavily modified Anaconda class cruiser Lady Maya .

    His unwavering theory that Salomé is alive is what stands behind his desire to see her restored safely back to prominence again but he is also heavily invested in CoR's quest to shed light on the mysteries in the galaxy and to expose the treachery and corruption evident in the core worlds.

    Currently fulfilling a desire to travel to Beagle Point he vows to be back in K-space soon!

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    Name: Jackson B. Cosby
    Age: 24
    Birth system: Prism
    Home system: Jonai
    Status: Alive
    Profession: Explorer
    Employer: None (officially)
    Known Affiliations: Wolves of Jonai
    Background:Born on Chione, his life was relatively normal, aside from his mother dying when he was 4. He was generally a loner, all the way up until Chione was invaded. He grew up in a small house not too far from Leeson City Jackson was the oldest child in his family, and enjoyed spending time with his little brother. His dad owned a viper from 3200 and he enjoyed flying around in it as a kid, and later flew it himself. When he was 16, he flew in space for the first time, and loved the experience so much that he tried to fly his dad's viper, and crashed it. In 3297, when Chione was taken by the empire, Jack was in Leeson City with his father and brother, and got caught in an explosion and lost his left eye to a piece of shrapnel from a bomb. His father and brother didn't survive the explosion. Jack took his father's viper and, due to not knowing how to properly operate it and damage to the fsd from him crashing it two years prior, misjumped and ended up in Tun. Due to the older fsd technology, he found that he had come out of hyperspace a few days after he started the jump, and saw on the news that the empire had taken Prism. Because of this, and his family being killed in the chaos, Jack developed a hatred for the Empire, and then after some consideration, joined the federal navy, believing Prism being taken would have started a war between the Empire and Federation. He went through standard training, and quickly rose through the ranks to ensign, getting his own federal gunship, which Jack still owns to this day. While in the navy, he entered a deep depression due to feeling guilt over not being able to protect his brother and father. He started having flashbacks to Chione while in battle. It was determined later that he had PTSD from the ordeal, and he was medically discharged due to it. After being taken out of active duty, he decided to buy his own Cobra mk III in Eravate.

    Present day: His exact motives, if any, are unknown, however he mostly works as an explorer. He can usually be found around Jonai or HR 6421, or sometimes in the Pleiades or the Hind nebula. He flies an Anaconda named Sola Rimor, which means "lonely explorer" in latin.

    Personality: Jackson is very reclusive and shy, and usually avoids areas of high population, with the exception of Jonai and HR 6421. He does however enjoy the company of a friend. He has PTSD, but has learned to deal with it during combat, letting it drive him to survive. He is known to take long exploration trips and stay in the black for long periods of time without any human contact. He's good friends with commander Poy and Lyrae Cursorius, and usually talks to them when he is in the bubble, however is fairly silent to anyone else. He will likely not contact anyone he sees, however will respond to messages he receives.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    You know, flying around in space for a while has made me realize, light is really damn slow.

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