Official statement from the Children of Raxxla regarding the destruction of a prisoner convoy in the Daibo system:

First of all, the Children of Raxxla would like to express their deepest sympathy for all the people who lost any of their loved ones in the latest tragedy reported from the Daibo system.

However, we don’t believe in the death of our trusted leader Commander Salomé in that incident until we have been presented sufficient evidence. The latest months have seen too much misinformation from all sides of the political spectrum.

This could be a ruse to distract us from the current appeal for exploration data. Therefore, we ask all participating pilots to keep on focusing on the goal at hand. Salomé’s innocence has to be proven!

We have deployed a small specialist wing to start investigations in the Daibo system.

- Consul member; The Tick (Nov. 25th 3302)

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