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    New Applicant: Tinkerer

    Vale Victoria, prospective companions

    Call me Tinkerer. Elsewhere i may be known as a Duchess of the Empire, and those who arranged this meeting know my name and recognise my face - but my path has led me here, where none of that carries weight. I have come with heavy heart, for my mere presence on this station is both a capital crime and a violation of my own principles - yet not to come would have meant losing integrity on an even grander scale.

    Make no mistake about my loyalty to the Duval family and Imperial values of patronage, honour and dignity - these days i am seeing threads of civilisation loosen and unravel, and feral impulses ruling the day. I see our Emperor besieged by those abandoning the traditional ways of patronage and honour in favour of unchecked power and quick rise. And i see - though more feel than see - shadows moving in the background, setting up stage for something ominous and terrifying. There is life out there and i myself have encountered strange things that do not have an official acknowledgement or explanation - and i firmly believe that patronage (meaning not just power over but responsibility for those part of your household) honour and dignity are the way one should treat all sapient life, not just those who look like us.

    Tell you what - while i have seen my share of so called 'fake' flight records played in anarchy stations showing encounters with unidentified vessels, there is one thing common to them all. they get fired at but i have yet to see one firing back. Makes you wonder. And not just wonder but remember things one's grand-uncle, the old baron Morhen Delarue, may he rest in peace, - who knew people and things and was said to have flown with THAT Commander Jameson himself - kept repeating. Such as 'it's the arm that pulls the strings. the arm.' and 'we were the aggressors all along, not them'.

    I just want to get closer to the the truth, to make judgements with clear mind..and also just because. I am curious. I want to understand things before i die. This is why i am here. And i am willing to work with others like myself - regardless whether your background is Federation, Alliance or independent.

    That is all i have to say on my behalf. Now it is your move.

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    Hello Tinkerer,

    My name is Aleister Fox Im one of the children's curators, it is a pleasure to to speak with you. Thank you for being candid about your imperial background, its speaks well of you to be forthright. Though, you will find that we are largely apolitical with many different pilots from many different back grounds. We are much more concerned with uncovering the truth behind what has been forgotten and obfuscated, it seems we are asking the same questions.

    Im going to grant you access to the network we use to communicate with our agents and recruits. Plug this code into your comms device: Once you are on the system make sure to message a curator in the #visitors-lobby channel so they can grant you further access to the network. As we get to know you better youll get more access to the network so dont be afraid to speak up and join into conversations with other recruits and pilots.

    If you need any help with the network or anything else feel free to message me.
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