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    New Applicant - CMDR ForsakenMeat

    1. CMDR ForsakenMeat
    2. Joshs419
    3. Although I am still somewhat new to the Elite universe, it didn't take long to become invested in the Galaxy and especially its mysteries. Ever since I learned about the Children of Raxxla I've been fascinated and knew that I wanted to be a part of them and the significant progress they've made. I am looking forward to learning more about the alien race that has been recently sighted about the Galaxy and the recent events related to them as well as the Gaurdians. I don't side with any of the current major powers as I wouldn't want to pledge my allegiance to their deceptive causes and their constant, petty, damaging wars.
    I hope to be accepted to the Children of Raxxla and I am willing and looking forward to contributing in any way I am able to.
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    Hi Commander!

    I've assigned you the Cadet role on the CoR discord server.

    You've joined just as we're about to overhaul the discord server and revamp some of the roles and channels - so there may be some disruption on there over the next couple of days.

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