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    CMDR Idrillean Odenthal

    1. Idrillean Odenthal, Lieutenant
    2. Idrillean
    3. As part of my job as Detective Ranger working for Radio Sidewinder, I'm working out my networking to find out about the mysteries surrounding the Formidine Rift, Kahina and the justice that has never been brought to those that owe it, specially involving the Dynasty Project.
    4. I'm currently working for Radio Sidewinder, as being of the most neutral groups out there, but I've affiliations to Canonn, Fleetcomm and the Galactic Academy. You gotta know why

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    Jan 2017
    Welcome to CoR Commander. o7.

    I've assigned you the Cadet role on CoR Discord. Full CMDR role will be assigned once you've been with us for a couple of weeks (please let one of the Consul know when your promotion is due).

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